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Taking the leap and moving abroad to pursue the Master’s in Management at ESMT Berlin

Meet Elyor Mukhamedov  – ESMT Berlin Elyor Mukhamedov hails from Uzbekistan, he decided to leave his home country to pursue the
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ESMT Berlin MIM students

Finding a sense of belonging at ESMT Berlin

Meet Andrea Manzi – ESMT Berlin Andrea Manzi has found a sense of belonging at the ESMT Berlin MIM Program. He
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ESMT Berlin students

ESMT Berlin offers a home to those who never felt at home

Meet Michela Andreolli –ESMT Berlin Michela Andreolli always knew she would end up moving abroad. Born in Italy, she attended
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EU Business School campus

Why Spain is still considered one of the best study destinations in the world

Though it has long been a popular tourist destination – it is the second-most visited country in the world –
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Master degrees

Highest Paid Master’s Degrees in 2020

We’ve crunched the numbers and looked at some of the highest paid master’s degrees in 2020. What do you think
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Miami Herbert Business School students

Miami students get real world experience in helping lead a business through a pandemic

Students enrolled in entrepreneurial consulting, the capstone course for the entrepreneurship major at the University of Miami Patti and Allan
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Covid-19 students

How will COVID-19 affect higher education across the world?

The effects that COVID-19 has wreaked upon our society have been rapid, far-reaching and drastic. As I write, one third
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