United States of America

United States of America

Graduates from the USA’s top schools will enter a job market that offers endless opportunities. There are not many more appealing places to complete your Master than the USA.

The United States of America is one of the most influential and powerful nations in the world – a behemoth that contributes one-quarter of the entire planet’s GDP and holds enormous political, economic, and cultural sway over the rest of the world. It is a vast and varied country whose leading educational institutions dominate global university rankings year on year. More than one million international students travel to the United States every year to study, throwing themselves into the hustle and bustle of New York City, the picturebook landscapes of Los Angeles, or the famous college campuses of Harvard, Stanford, and Yale.


A long list of entrepreneurs, leaders, and influential global figures have emerged from the doors of American universities over the years, subsequently helping make the US economy what it is today: dominant globally, highly diversified, and with boundless job-creation potential. Graduates from the USA’s top schools will enter a job market that offers opportunities in the likes of pharma, manufacturing, and tech as well as an infrastructure that allows entrepreneurs to build and scale-up successful businesses. There are not many more appealing places to complete your master’s than the USA.

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FAQ about studying in the USA

As you might expect from a country the size of the USA, the cost of studying and living can vary dramatically from city to city. You might struggle to find a school with tuition fees that are below US$20,000 a year. At the top schools, tuition fees can exceed US$100,000.

The cost of living varies across the United States. Monthly costs for a single person in the US are estimated at around US$960, excluding rent.

All international students going to the United States of America need a visa. Applying for a student visa in the US can be sometimes a lengthy process, so make sure you apply at least three months before your study program starts. There are different types of student visas available. The most relevant for you would be the F-1 visa (academic) or the M-1 (vocation or non-academic). The F-1 visa is the most common for international students and it is fairly easy to apply.

American schools dominate the global rankings every year, with the likes of MIT, Harvard Business School, Stanford University, Yale School of Management, and Columbia Business School regularly appearing at the top.

With a low unemployment rate and the largest global economy, highly-qualified MBA graduates should have a wealth of opportunities available to them if they choose to pursue a role in the United States after graduating.

The USA houses the highest number of international students of any country in the world, standing at over one million. Almost half come from China and India.

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