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ESMT Berlin

ESMT Berlin is an international business school located in one of the most international cities in the world. The city has attracted a growing number of expats from all over the globe since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and so it’s fitting that Checkpoint Charlie, one of the last remnants of the wall, lies within spitting distance of ESMT in central Berlin. With a faculty that is 80% international and over 40 nationalities represented in their Master in Management (MIM) program alone, the school is surely the perfect embodiment of Berlin’s newfound internationalism.

It is little wonder that ESMT has gone on to establish itself as one of Europe’s leading business schools in such a short space of time. It was founded in 2002 by a group of 25 corporations, giving the school unrivalled links with major employers and putting its alumni at a major advantage over others. Those alumni will also be stepping out into one of the entrepreneurial hotspots of Europe with a thriving startup scene that inspires innovation.

Master in Management (MIM) programs are more prevalent in Europe than in the United States and are seen as business education degrees for candidates with less work experience than traditional MBA courses demand. The average work experience of a typical MIM intake at ESMT Berlin is just six months, something which allows the program to attract students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds. It will be difficult not to feel inspired as you rub shoulders with students from over 40 countries, all of whom have made the trip to this German hotbed of innovation to kickstart the first stage of their professional career. And after checking out their profile on MASTERGRADSCHOOLS and the information on Germany as a study destination, maybe you too could be part of the next global intake at ESMT Berlin. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you say 88% of the graduates end up working in Germany?

We find that for many people staying in Germany, it is a good way to get access to the European economy, which has lots of opportunities. All graduates are given an 18-month work visa on graduation, which is accepted by all employers regardless of nationality or income. So, for many people this is a unique opportunity to relocate. Students also have access to many more networking opportunities in Germany, and therefore have a better chance of finding their perfect job here. After the 18-month visa has expired, around 1/3 of students will stay in Germany long term, 1/3 will move somewhere else in Europe, and the final 1/3 will move internationally.

Will the MIM start in September 2020 or will the start date be postponed due to the current COVID-19 pandemic? Do you see the pandemic affecting intake of international students by ESMT?

For now, we are planning for an intake in September, but are in constant exchange with the authorities for updates. We will let you know about any changes as soon as there are any, on our website. We have not yet seen an impact on the number of international applications we have received. We do have provision for online teaching for all of our programs in case this is still going on later in the year. Yet, we are very confident it will not come to that.

What is ESMT Berlin's MIM about?

The Master in Management at ESMT is designed to prepare students to employ theoretical knowledge developed in undergraduate work in an applied business or management setting.
ESMT uses an integrative approach, with a combination of traditional coursework, internships and projects, career planning and skills workshops, and foreign language training – all to ensure that students have skills that top German and international companies continuously express they need and desire in their organizations.

The Master in Management program lasts for 24 months (four semesters), and is split into six modules, or course blocks.
In coordination with ESMT, you will complete an internship of up to six months with a company and industry that meets your career goals. German students are encouraged to complete their internship abroad.

ESMT has partnered with Imperial College Business School in the UK, Singapore Management UniversityIE in Spain, and the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University in Canada to offer MIM students an enhanced global study experience to build the necessary aptitude and knowledge to successfully navigate careers in an international business landscape.

What is ESMT's MIM student profile?

ESMT designed the Master in Management admissions process to find the most talented individuals who will benefit from the program’s international and interdisciplinary nature. When evaluating applications, ESMT is looking for the following qualities:

• International outlook, intercultural competency, and a responsible approach to business
• Potential for high-performance career growth in a global environment
• Willingness to learn from others, collegial behavior in high-stress situations
• Excellent analytical problem solving abilities

How is the MIM application process?

Applications to the MIM program are reviewed on a rolling, first-come basis. The Admissions Committee meets and publishes admissions decisions every two weeks.

For the interviews for all questions, the key thing we are looking for is students who are “collaborative rather than competitive”. With our small class sizes it only takes a few people with the wrong attitude to spoil the experience for everyone else, so what we always look for is people who will work well as part of the group, and who will work to ensure everyone succeeds. This can be brought across throughout the application but works especially well in the interview.

What's the MIM tuition fee scheme?

The full program tuition is €29,500 and it is paid in three installments over two academic years. ESMT’s MIM tuition covers all courses and seminars, teaching materials, orientation, and career support.
In addition to tuition, students should budget enough money for relocation to Berlin, Germany, living expenses, and textbooks. We recommend that students budget €1,000 a month for living expenses.
Many scolarships and lending options are avialable on our website.

What does the MIM class profile look like?

The MIM program accepts top-performing students with a first university degree and little or no postgraduate work experience. No matter where they come from or what they’ve studied, all our students share a desire to launch an international career while applying analytical and strategic solutions to today’s business problems.

Our MIM classes are small, diverse groups. ESMT searches for students with international experience who can perform work in high-performing, diverse teams. Our MIM program is by far the most diverse in Germany – no one country makes up more than 20% of the class.
At 82% international, the Master in Management program is the most diverse program of its kind in Germany. Students come from 40 different countries, and are on average 23 years old. Many, but not all, completed studies or internships outside of their home country.
For German applicants, the MIM program is an excellent way to get immersed in an international setting while living in Berlin and gaining valuable contacts in Germany’s top companies.

How important is ESMT's alumi network?

Networking is paramount to landing the position of your choice. ESMT’s interdisciplinary environment offers endless opportunities to meet and get to know alumni, recruiters, industry specialists, and guest speakers in Master Classes, open lectures, and student club activities. For the ambitious networking student, multiple chances to make connections at events and meetups exist off-campus as well.

ESMT’s student clubs are student initiatives that begin with a desire to get directly involved, where theory meets practice. Each club at ESMT was formed by students’ proposals and a desire to create something new and productive for future ESMT students. Students from all degree programs are welcome to join and take part in initiatives.

What scholarship options are available for ESMT’s MIM program?

ESMT offers partial tuition scholarships for accepted Master in Management students who show academic merit and leadership potential.

Scholarships available include:

Early Application Discount, Women’s Scholarships, Outstanding Student Leadership Scholarship, Developing Country Scholarship, 700+ GMAT Scholarship, and more.

Visit the ESMT Master in Management website for additional information.


Founded in 2002 by 25 leading global companies and institutions


Tripled-accredited and already ranked as one of the top 10 business schools in Europe by The Financial Times


Campus in Berlin


32 faculty members, 80% of which are non-German. A recent full-time MBA class of 51 students came from 24 different countries


The MiM program includes a mandatory six-month internship and 1.5 month Social Impact Project together with career fairs, interview days on campus, company visits and much more