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Region: Europe

Country: Spain

City: Barcelona

ABOUT Barcelona Technology School

Shape the digital future at the Barcelona Technology School. Start building a better society made of human technology in the heart of Barcelona

Barcelona Technology School is a private institution aligned with the latest digital skills that the companies need to develop creative digital solutions. It is an international experience for graduates who want to shape the digital future, acquiring highly demanded knowledge and digital skills. Through the BTS academic offer you will get knowledge in demanded areas such as: digital project management, digital transformation, User Experience, Big Data, among other subjects. Combining technical skills with a digital business and innovation focus. In BTS we offer postgraduate programs that cover the chain of value of the digital transformation, such as: • Master in Digital Transformation Leadership: to lead digital transformation • Master in Digital Solutions Development: to build and manage digital products • Master in Big Data Solutions: to drive data-based opportunities • Master in User Experience Design: to design best user experiences