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Leavey School of Business

Santa Clara University (USA) has been promoting its Jesuit values of social responsibility and community engagement from its Silicon Valley campus long before the region came to prominence as a global tech hub and innovation center. It now holds a privileged position within this world-famous area, staying true to those Jesuit traditions whilst adapting its curriculums to meet the needs of modern day Silicon Valley companies. Whilst the university has a long history stretching back to the 18th century, the master’s degrees here are very much rooted in the 21st century.

Leavey School of Business upholds the same values as its parent university, imbuing its graduates with a blend of business acumen and ethics that Silicon Valley companies value extremely highly. You will find its alumni dotted throughout the various tech firms here, and they inevitably return to LSB every year to find the next generation of tech leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers. That recruiting process is made smoother by the school’s careers team, who organise regular events, workshops and webinars to strengthen the links between graduates and employers.

The MS degrees on offer at Leavey School of Business set its graduates up perfectly for a career in the ever-growing field of tech. All of the master’s programs on offer here have been put together with the evolving needs of Silicon Valley in mind, and the school’s close links with the companies located here put its graduates at an immediate advantage over others. Whether you opt for the MS in Business Analytics, Finance & Analytics, Information Systems or Marketing, each program gives students a grounding in the areas of expertise that Silicon Valley companies are looking for. A master’s degree from the Leavey School of Business will set you on the path to this famous region.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum application requirement?

All students must have a Bachelor’s Degree or the US Equivalent.  All of our programs are open to applicant’s who meet this basic requirement.

I earned my degree from an international institution. Am I still eligible?

All international degrees/transcripts MUST be evaluated by WES (wes.org) (ICAP course-by-course).  They evaluate international degrees/transcripts to determine whether or not they are the equivalent to a US Bachelor’s Degree.  

Are Leavey's Master programmes STEM approved?

Yes.  All of our MS Programs are STEM designated degrees and graduating students MAY receive the STEM OPT extension depending on their situation. Length depends on whether or not students have used any OPT time prior to joining our program.

When does application open?

Applications are normally open 18 months in advance of the application deadline.

What does the application consist of?

A completed application will consist of a resume, personal statement, official transcripts or WES ICAP evaluations (international degree students only), GMAT or GRE score, TOEFL score (international students only) and 2 letters of recommendation.

Are there any prerequisits?

ou must satisfy any prerequisites competencies for the following MS Programs:

  • MS Business Analytics:  2 courses of college-level calculus and 1 course of college-level statistics *
  • MS Finance and Analytics: 1 course of college-level calculus and 1 course of college-level statistics,  3 online courses (or equivalent): linear algebra, introduction to R, and introduction to Python 
  • MS Information Systems: 1 course of college-level statistics and 1 course of college-level programming language

*All applicants must have successfully completed one college level calculus course at the time of application.  Two levels of calculus and statistics are required prior to starting the programs. 

Does Leavey offer GMAT/GRE waivers?

Yes, but only to strong candidates who demonstrate a combination of good full-time work experience and a strong, verifiable (usually with transcripts) quantitative/technical background.  Students who receive waivers ARE NOT eligible for scholarships. 

Are there minimum test scores for the GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, Duolingo? And how long are test score valid?

We do not have minimum test scores and your application evaluation is based a comprehensive review.  The average GMAT score for MS program is 650. The average GRE score is 309.

Scores from either test are valid for five (5) years. Applicants are welcome to take either exam more than once; we will only consider the highest score.

Does Leavey offer scholarships?

Yes.  All students who submit their completed application by the designated deadline are reviewed for scholarship when we evaluate their application.  No additional paperwork is required.  Students who submit after that date may be considered if there is scholarship money still available.  Scholarships are merit-based.

In addition, the university offers federal and private loans. Domestic students (US citizens and permanent residents) are eligible both federal and private loans, while international students are eligible only eligible for private loans with or without a creditworthy US cosigner.

What are the MS Programs application deadline?

  • Fall 2020 June 01
  • Winter 2021 October 15 (for scholarship consideration) MSIS only


Santa Clara University is California’s oldest operating institution of higher learning, having opened its doors in 1851


The university’s campus is located in San Jose, just two miles away from the city’s international airport


Completed in 2008, the $49 million Lucas Hall houses the Leavey School of Business and is one of the newest buildings on campus


Leavey’s MS in Finance & Analytics is ranked amongst the top 30 in the US by The Financial Engineer (TFE) Times


100% of MS Business Analytics and MS Information Systems graduates felt that the program met their career goals