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Questrom School of Business, Boston University

Region: Americas

Country: United States of America

City: Boston

ABOUT Questrom School of Business

At Questrom School of Business, Boston University they prepare innovative and ethical leaders who understand the impact of business on society and create value for the world. 

At Boston University Questrom School of Business, we believe in asking, “What’s next?” More than that, we believe in having an answer. To stay ahead, we’re transforming every day. We’re reshaping existing programs, creating new ones, and seeking fresh ways to expand our students’ experience to ensure they gain valuable skills, insights, and connections from our vibrant community and enter the workforce as highly effective leaders.

At Questrom, innovation really stands for inspiration. We don’t make changes simply for changes’ sake. We enhance the education we provide our students, and revolutionize management practice through our faculty’s research. We believe in sparking innovation that redefines.