What is an innovation sprint?

Innovation sprints are innovative, three-week-long workshops run at Antwerp Management School (AMS). They’re collaborations between business students, design students, industry experts, and high-level clients.

Companies reach out to AMS to participate in innovation sprints when they’re looking for creative, out-of-the-box ideas. By the end of the workshop, clients can expect to receive five thorough reports that detail dynamic product and/or service concepts specifically designed for their business needs.

One of the most powerful aspects of Antwerp Management School’s innovative sprints is the fact that they bring business and design minds together. Sophie, a Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship student at AMS, appreciated the fact that the design students offered another perspective on business.

“We had the chance to work together with students from the Politecnico di Milano, which was also very insightful because we got another view than the business side of a business,” she elaborates. (01:12)

Air France, Samsonite & more: Innovation sprint student testimonials

Asheesh is an AMS Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship student who participated in an innovation sprint. More specifically, he worked with Air France to take their overall airport experience into the future.

Right off the bat, Asheesh describes, “the first phase for us was understanding the pains of the customer, what the problems are at the airport. Then, we started thinking about the ideation and how [we’d want] the airport to be. Because it’s not for now, it’s for 2050.” (00:45)

Mathieu is another Innovation & Entrepreneurship student who had the opportunity to work with Samsonite on their travel luggage and suitcases. Overall, their team was brainstorming how to increase Samsonite’s market share over the next five years.

Mathieu felt it was valuable that his team went out into the field to interview people during his workshop. “From there on, we started to think about bringing a solution that people needed,” he recalls. (01:07)

A final note on studying in Antwerp

Antwerp isn’t only home to AMS, but it’s also a wonderful place to live as a student. It’s known as a “pocket-sized international metropolis,” due to its walkability, ideal blend of the trendy and the traditional, and multicultural atmosphere.

If you need further proof, just talk to some of the students studying at AMS. Andrea is a Peruvian student taking her master’s in Antwerp and she loves how bustling and fashion-forward the city is.

Andrea’s favorite place in Antwerp is the Meir, which is the main shopping street. She loves that it’s “full of people, stores, musicians, and singers. There’s [always] something new going on there and you can get very surprised.” (00:34)

Julan is a Bangladeshi student who’s also studying in Antwerp. He loves the size of the city and how easy it is to get around. He also enjoys that “people are friendly and helpful, because everybody speaks English. There are [also] lots of bars where you can have a nice drink with your friends, and surprisingly, there’s food from all around the world.” (00:15)

Julan also appreciates Antwerp’s cozy atmosphere and Christmas markets during the winter months, even though he admits that it’s very different from his country.

All in all, no matter where you come from in the world, Antwerp is sure to have something for you.