Launch your career in fashion with the Master in Fashion, Experience & Design Management program at SDA Bocconi

The Master in Fashion, Experience & Design Management (MAFED) at SDA Bocconi School of Management is a one-year, full-time program. It equips students with the management skills needed to build a successful career in the creative industries.

The program is for people who want to launch a career in fashion, luxury, or design, regardless of whether they enter the program with a business background.

During the program, MAFED students will learn general management tools, concepts, and methods, as well as management processes specific to fashion and design. Students will also gain core skills for the fashion and design industry, such as digital strategy and customer relationship management.

The benefits of studying fashion and design in Milan

“Milan is well-renowned [as] the capital of fashion and design,” says Emanuela Prandelli, MAFED Director at SDA Bocconi. “Taking a program such as MAFED in this city provides you [with the] full advantage.” (00:18)

Alongside Paris, New York, and London, Milan is one of the world’s most important fashion capitals. It houses the headquarters of major fashion brands like Valentino, Versace, Prada, and Armani. With the presence of local and international brands, notable fashion houses, high-end shopping districts, and of course, Milan Fashion Week, Milan is the place to be if you’re looking to launch a career in fashion and/or design.

Attilio Maria, General Manager at Bulgari Hotels and Resorts, agrees. He says, “I think that coming to Milano to study fashion and luxury is a great idea. At Bulgari Hotels and Resorts, we really like to get students that have international backgrounds and exposure to the world, but at the same time [who] come here to Milano and get this extra sense of what the guest expectation is in today’s luxury world.” (01:11)

“The uniqueness of Milan as a fashion capital means that you are exposed to every part of the fashion industry: creativity, design, collaborations, innovation, Italy’s entire cultural heritage. Fashion is nothing without culture and SDA Bocconi understands this,” says Viviane Hilaire, a MAFED 2021 graduate from Panama.

The perfect fusion of creativity and business in the MAFED program

Inspired by Italy’s rich cultural heritage, the MAFED program offers a learning experience that fuses creativity and business.

American MAFED 2022 student Hailey Druker says, “MAFED was a whirlwind, life-changing year that I will never forget, and by which I am forever changed. I learned a lot about business, fashion, and myself. We learned, we grew personally and professe biggionally, and we will all become better people and employees for it.” After completing MAFED, Hailey is already working in the fashion industry as a CRM Analyst at LORO PIANA.

Ella Philips, a MAFED 2019 student from the UK who now serves on the events team at Valentino, adds, “MAFED is a true masterclass in the business of fashion and an invaluable investment for anyone looking to pursue a career in such a competitive and fast-moving industry. The program is structured by industry experts to include in-depth study of the fundamental pillars of business, delivered in the context of luxury fashion. There is a focus on data-driven analytics, merchandising, and corporate finance alongside in-depth courses in digital marketing, customer experience, and retail. Perhaps the biggest strength of the MAFED program is the direct access to professionals at the very top of the luxury industry, with many opportunities to meet and learn from CEOs and benefit from valuable networking opportunities. As a professional in the luxury industry, MAFED gives you a real edge.”

Building a career in fashion and luxury requires an understanding of the industry, as well as crucial business skills. By the end of MAFED, students will have a solid understanding of business planning, marketing, and advanced retail management techniques. In other words, they will be ready to enter the professional world of luxury, fashion, and design.

Gain access to industry insiders in fashion

The MAFED faculty and guest speakers are certainly something to brag about. They are professors with deep knowledge and experience, as well as top executives and professionals from the business world. As a result, MAFED students will gain unprecedented access and insights from industry insiders.

At Milan Fashion Week 2021, for example, SDA Bocconi hosted a masterclass with Anna Wintour (Chief Content Officer at Condé Nast and Global Editorial Director of Vogue) and Edward Enninful (Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue), discussing everything from the future of publishing to the need for change in fashion. MAFED also offers a Mentoring Program with LVMH and Loro Piana, giving students unprecedented access to experts who can offer valuable career advice and personal and professional support.

MAFED’s professional guests and lecturers come from companies like Sephora Italia, Bain & Company, Bulgari, Gucci, Condé Nast, and Prada Group. SDA Bocconi also has partnerships with companies such as YOOX Net-a-Porter Group and Altagamma.

Feeling an entrepreneurial spirit? MAFED is just for you

From the classroom to the real business world, many MAFED students decide to launch their own brand and pursue an entrepreneurial career after graduating. After her classroom experience in the MAFED program, German student Lili Radu founded two fashion brands. Today, her bags are available in the world’s top department stores. She says, “It changed my life” – and it shows.

Another student, Colombian native Margarita Serrano, created a women’s clothing brand in New York after her experience in MAFED in 2013.

Margarita still remembers a watershed moment: her decisive meeting with Paul Surridge, a prominent creative director for a number of fashion brands and a guest speaker at MAFED. She recalls, “At one point, as I was talking to him about my entrepreneurial project, Paul said, ‘Margarita, do something that makes you special. Pick a product, a model, a color, a type of fabric, anything that will make the market recognize you.’ And it was right then that I decided I’d start with an iconic product – a blazer – an essential piece in every woman’s wardrobe, an investment piece, because the distinctive character of my brand is the search for true, enduring, cool elegance.” She has already won over America and is now poised to launch her brand in China.


In sum, if you are considering turning your passion for fashion, luxury, and design into a successful career, the Master in Fashion, Experience & Design Management program at SDA Bocconi should be one of your top choices. The MAFED has all the key ingredients of success: an innovative curriculum, an impressive faculty, and a prime location in one of the world’s fashion capitals.