Nyenrode’s Business Game scouts future global business leaders

A peek into Nyenrode’s Business Game reveals its unique role in identifying future global business leaders. The winner gets a scholarship to advance and energize their leadership career.

In short

Gamification of business for aspiring global business leaders

In the corporate world, business simulations provide a valuable, risk-free environment to navigate business complexities. They simulate real-world scenarios and foster strategic thinking, problem-solving skills, and a holistic understanding of business operations. Moreover, they promote teamwork and offer leadership development opportunities, making them a versatile tool in the experiential learning landscape.

Additionally, educational institutions recognize the value of such simulations to identify and hone student talent. Nyenrode Business University initiated a competition to help the school find aspiring global business leaders. 

In the Nyenrode Business Game, prospective Full-time MSc in Management students and applicants face a series of business-related challenges. These include case studies, business simulations, and problem-solving tasks. The aim is to assess their skills, knowledge, and aptitude for leadership in a business environment.

Program Advisor Lisa de Bie explains, “We organize this yearly to give students or potential students the opportunity to show their excellence and motivation.” (00:08

The busy schedule includes workshops on pitching and professional skills, preparing participants with vital entrepreneurial competencies. The best performers can win a scholarship or a recommendation to join the sponsoring business after their studies.

Case studies from Frog Design Inc.

Realistic case studies are at the core of the Business Game competition. Nyenrode developed the case studies in collaboration with Frog Design Inc. 

Notably, Frog works across industries, providing services like strategy, design, branding, and more. They have designed iconic products and interfaces for companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Sony.

Richard Christophersen, a management consultant at Frog, describes it as “the powerhouse of the Capgemini group looking more on the human side, human-centered transformations of Fortune 500 companies around the world.” (01:11

This collaboration between university and business bridges the gap between classroom theory and the real world. It enhances students’ understanding of their roles as future global business leaders.

Network and knowledge as gateways to prospects

The annual Nyenrode Business Game exemplifies the institution’s commitment to practical learning. The event helps participants to implement theoretical knowledge in real business scenarios and it’s a peek into their future careers. 

For participants like Fleur Van Eijke, with a background in nursing, the workshops introduce them to the business world. The experience was particularly enriching because of the guidance on pitching and the opportunity to learn from real-life company cases. Fleur sees this hands-on approach as a compelling aspect of her journey into the business realm. (01:54)

However, the benefits of the business game aren’t merely academic. Participants can win a referral to work at Frog, thus kick-starting their careers in the best possible way.

Core values that shape global business leaders

Nyenrode’s Business Game is designed around the university’s core values: leadership, entrepreneurship, and stewardship. 

Leadership goes beyond conventional team guidance and includes personal leadership, resilience, and enduring enthusiasm for learning. The game fosters an entrepreneurial mindset by asking students to identify opportunities, innovate, and create value. Stewardship, a distinctive element of Nyenrode’s philosophy, underscores students’ social responsibility.

Jelle Koopman, a participant, summed up this essence, “It’s very important for me that I can give back. First, I can learn and develop and then give back to the world.” (02:11

Thus, this commitment to social responsibility ensures that future business leaders’ decisions are sustainable and beneficial for the broader community.

The campus atmosphere in a medieval castle

Uniquely, one of the most attractive aspects of Nyenrode is its magnificent campus, whose castle and grounds leave an indelible impression. The castle not only offers an inspiring learning environment but also symbolizes the institute’s rich legacy. 

Diederick Hutter, a game participant, noted, “The castle behind me is really a staple of this area. It’s really a beautiful landmark.” (02:35

Nyenrode’s campus, located in Breukelen, the Netherlands, is an environment for innovative thinking and deep learning. The campus is vibrant, yet the area breathes tranquility

Beyond the campus, the other significant aspect that sets Nyenrode apart is its extensive network. It’s about making connections and joining an influential community that opens doors to global opportunities.

Join a supportive alumni network of global business leaders

Alumni from Nyenrode have made remarkable strides in various industries, with many attributing their success to their time at Nyenrode. The university’s corporate connections foster unparalleled career opportunities and a strong network. 

As Diederick puts it, “I’ve just started working for a year now, and I’m incredibly surprised to hear how often someone is an alumni of Nyenrode or has an association with Nyenrode. I really can notice that it is a very impactful university.” (02:51)

What starts with a game can result in a serious career trajectory at Nyenrode. The university provides the conditions for budding entrepreneurs and business leaders to flourish.

Do you aspire to become a global business leader? Directly contact Nyenrode alumni to learn about the school and its programs.

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