EADA Personal Inspiration Week: Growth mindset in action

Is it enough to just learn hard and soft skills during a Master in Management? At EADA, they don’t think so. The EADA Personal Inspiration Week is an intensive event that teaches valuable life lessons for personal and professional growth - and students truly reap the benefits.

In short

The big hitters at the EADA Personal Inspiration Week

The EADA Personal Inspiration Week offers students of EADA’s Master in Management the opportunity to learn from inspiring experts and alumni. These role models have already blazed the trail that many EADA graduates will follow and bring their personal successes and failures to the table. 

The 2022 edition of the event was led by Program Director Antony Poole. Throughout the week, students worked with three EADA alumni: Philipp Herz, Joao Perre Viana, and Raquel Rubio. The close connection with successful alumni offers a potential roadmap to help current students with the jump to real-life business.

Rather than a chronological career summary, the alumni offered meaningful advice such as keeping the drive to never stop learning. Similarly, they could point out things they wish they knew when graduating – advice that is immediately applicable to EADA students.

Gaining confidence for your future career

EADA Business School knows that becoming a successful business leader isn’t just about learning theory from textbooks. Postgraduate programs at EADA also focus on practical experience through internships, workshops, and immersive learning on their virtual campus. 

However, the EADA Personal Inspiration Week looks at yet another aspect that is crucial to success. Aware that graduates can’t succeed without confidence, the week serves as a training ground for students to feel at home in interviews and in companies. 

Master’s graduates often find themselves thrown at the deep end in their first job. Under their slogan “where business people grow,” EADA ensures students get the skills and confidence to thrive. This focus was not lost on student Paul Hardt, who described the event: “This week is especially important to prepare us for interviews, just being in a company, knowing what to do from the start.” (00:08)

Focusing on professional and life goals

What really sets the EADA Personal Inspiration Week apart from other career-focused events is the emphasis on personal development. Beyond simply gaining CV-enhancing roles, students are encouraged to discuss their life goals and identify what they need to do to achieve them.

Martina Raimondi appreciates the focus on the personal growth side of the event, saying, “I hope and I think I will better understand what actually I want from my future, how to achieve that and how I feel with myself.” (00:20)

Training your growth mindset

The event shows how important it is to reflect on where you want to be, rather than blindly advancing through your career. As Frederico Meneses summarizes, “I think it’s important because life moves pretty fast and sometimes it’s good to stop and look around and think ‘what am I going to do in the future?’” (00:32

Frederico’s comments are symbolic of a growth mindset – a perspective that always looks to improve. The EADA Personal Inspiration Week encourages students to adopt this perspective and consider their specific situations. Some key questions to maintain a growth mindset include:

  • What did I learn today?
  • Do I feel fulfilled in what I’m doing?
  • Is what I’m doing aligned with my goals?
  • What are my next steps?

By training this mindful approach to your personal and professional development, you can expect to feel more fulfilled both at work and at home. 

The EADA Personal Inspiration Week as part of the bigger picture

The Master in Management at EADA is all about creating well-rounded leaders. The program offers a multi-pronged approach to achieve this. 

In terms of hard skills, master’s students get a solid foundation of core management capabilities. In the final third of the program, they branch off and specialize in subjects under the umbrella of consultancy, entrepreneurship and innovation, and tech management. Students then go on to put their skills into practice through case studies, live projects with companies such as SAP, and internships.

Soft skill training is ever-present in the incredibly diverse student body. With 95% international students from a diverse set of backgrounds, every class and workshop is a melting pot of perspectives. EADA teaches more structured soft skills too at the dedicated Residential Training Campus, which pushes people out of their comfort zone to grow. 

The Personal Inspiration Week fits in perfectly with the EADA ethos to add a personal growth element. The Financial Times recognized the business school as #1 in Spain for career progression.

Putting in the effort for personal development

In conclusion, the Personal Inspiration Week is not a panacea that will ensure inspiration for years to come. When it comes to personal and professional growth, the more you put in, the more you get out. Student Piedad de Garay says, ”I really had to work to make everything in order. To be very very specific of my dreams and to work towards that.” (01:48)

With the combination of hard work and lessons learned from specialist events such as the EADA Personal Inspiration Week, you stand an excellent chance of having a long and fruitful career. 

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