3 exciting international opportunities in the ESMT Berlin Master in Management

The ESMT Berlin Master in Management (MIM) is a top-ranked program for high-potential candidates looking to build a global career. We spoke to Anna Frankowska, Manager of the International Office at ESMT Berlin, to learn more about the exciting international opportunities available for MIM students.

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International opportunities in the ESMT Berlin Master in Management: An overview

The ESMT Berlin Master in Management (MIM) program is a 24-month, full-time program. It focuses on general management with tracks in Quantitative Business and Innovative Management.

Designed for high-potential candidates with an international outlook, the program offers an international learning experience with built-in international opportunities:

  1. Social Impact Project
  2. Internships abroad
  3. Exchange semesters abroad

Anna Frankowska is the Manager of the International Office at ESMT Berlin. She says, “The International Office was recently created and my role within the office is to make sure that our students have the most international experience during their degrees.” (00:08)

Let’s take a closer look at the international opportunities available for students in the ESMT Berlin Master in Management.

International opportunity #1: Social Impact Project

During the second year of the MIM program at ESMT Berlin, students complete a five-week project in which they act as a consultant for an organization with social impact objectives.

Anna explains, “During the Social Impact Project, students act as consultants to organizations with a social impact. So, they take all the value and the knowledge they’ve gained during the program and their Master in Management ESMT to deliver that in a practical context.” (00:44)

“Students have taken these projects in many different countries and most continents in the world,” Anna adds. “We’ve had students in South America. We’ve had many students in Africa and Asia. Some also do choose to stay closer to home in Europe or in Germany.” (01:00)

Past MIM students have carried out their Social Impact Project in countries like India, Peru, Uganda, Greece, Vietnam, and Saint Lucia.

International opportunity #2: Internships abroad

“Another option for our Master in Management students is a chance to take their internship abroad,” Anna tells us. “Many students do stay in Germany, but the internship is not limited geographically. We’ve also had students who have taken their internship in the Netherlands, in Turkey, in Switzerland, or further abroad – for example, in Kenya.” (01:15)

Students in the ESMT Berlin Master in Management have also completed internships at diverse organizations, from Mercedez Benz to Amazon to the United Nations.

Doing an internship abroad has numerous benefits for master’s students. It can help students build an international network, discover different business cultures and environments, pick up new skills, improve communication and intercultural skills, and even learn a new language.

International opportunity #3: Exchange semesters abroad

Last, but certainly not least, the ESMT Berlin Master in Management gives students international opportunities through its exchange program. After completing their core courses, MIM students can take their elective courses at one of ESMT Berlin’s partner universities. No additional tuition fees are required!

Anna says, “We have partners in Europe and beyond. Some of our partners where students can take their exchange [are] Copenhagen Business School [and the] Stockholm School of Economics. We have students going down south to Madrid to IE [Business School]. Some students also choose to go further afield. So, for example, we have a partnership with Smith School of Business in Canada, where students can really truly experience a North [American] academic way of life.” (01:38)

International exchange programs allow students to experience a whole new culture and way of life. They can also expand their employment opportunities, encounter different styles of learning, and make new friends! Furthermore, students get access to the benefits and services at their exchange schools, such as career services and recruitment events.

“I’m really excited that ESMT gives the students the opportunity to really internationalize their degree experience and that we are able to support them in the preparation and the delivery of that experience,” Anna says. (02:03)

In conclusion, while ESMT Berlin maintains strong roots in Germany, the international options in the MIM program offer students unique opportunities to travel the world and expand their horizons, discover new cultures, and take their knowledge and skills to the next level!

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