The InnoEnergy ecosystem is connecting students with sustainability master’s programs in Europe

The InnoEnergy Master School produces more than 300 sustainability master’s graduates every year. Here’s how this energy ecosystem is making a positive difference in the fight against climate change.

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How InnoEnergy is bringing the sustainability industry together

What’s the key to tackling the climate crisis?

Innovative new ideas are certainly important. Investment as well, without which we wouldn’t be able to implement those new ideas. Arguably, the most important weapon in the fight against climate change is a simple: collaboration.

It takes individuals, companies, and organizations working together, to make real progress in the fight against climate change. That’s the mantra that lies at the heart of the InnoEnergy Master’s School

InnoEnergy brings together all of the moving parts of the sustainability industry. They connect startups with investors, entrepreneurs with business support, and crucially, students with sustainability master’s programs. In doing so, they have created a Europe-wide energy ecosystem.

According to the company’s CEO, Diego Pavía, people are at the heart of what they’re trying to achieve. “What we call the second weapon of energy to really make the change happen is people,” he explains. “[In] our master programs since 2011, there are 300 graduates every year. They are the ones that are going to change the system from within, either because they become employees or big corporates or because they create their own startups.” (00:14)

Let’s take a closer look at the master’s programs in sustainability that InnoEnergy offers.

The sustainability master’s programs in Europe offered by InnoEnergy

At such a crucial point in the global climate crisis, it’s worth reiterating the value of studying sustainability

A master’s in sustainability won’t just set you up for a career in a sustainability NGO. It will give you transferable skills valued by employers in fields like consulting, finance, and venture capital (VC) industry.

InnoEnergy has partnered with universities across Europe to offer a range of master’s programs in sustainability. Students apply through the InnoEnergy portal and pay a subsidized tuition fee of €18,000 for any program in the ecosystem.

The programs tend to focus more on the technical and engineering side of the sustainability industry. Here are the programs currently offered by the InnoEnergy schools:

  • Master’s in Renewable Energy,
  • Master’s in Sustainable Energy Systems,
  • Master’s in Energy for Smart Cities,
  • Master’s in Smart Electrical Networks and Systems,
  • Master’s in Nuclear Energy,
  • Master’s in Energy Technologies.


By applying for a master’s in sustainability through InnoEnergy, students will also gain access to their careers service. They post job vacancies through their careers portal and offer personalized career coaching to students.

It is an appealing offer for students hoping to launch a career in sustainability. Here’s how InnoEnergy is helping them do it.

Connecting students with the green industry

To find out how InnoEnergy connects students with the sustainability industry, who better to talk to than the industry itself?

At the company’s annual Master School Connect event, they bring together industry leaders and sustainable energy students. It’s a worthwhile event for all parties. Students get to build their network within the industry. While companies get to discover the next generation of talented graduates that understand the business and technical side of sustainability.

According to Marc Bochirol, Senior VP of HR Energy Management Business at Schneider Electric, the alumni that come out of InnoEnergy are exactly what companies like theirs are looking for.

“We like InnoEnergy because of the fact that there is a great combination of both, actually. A strong technical background, but also an entrepreneurship and business focus which is for us super important,” he says. (01:22)

InnoEnergy has partnered with more than 150 energy companies all actively recruiting alumni from the InnoEnergy Master School. In terms of the impact that this ecosystem has already made on the sustainability industry, the numbers speak for themselves.

The InnoEnergy impact

There have already been more than 1,600 graduates of the InnoEnergy Master’s School. Among the graduates, 94% are employed within six months, and they, on average, earn 15% more than graduates of similar programs.

As predicted by the company’s CEO, Diego Pavía, these alumni are now making a significant impact. The InnoEnergy ecosystem has so far supported more than 500 sustainability startups and built a network of 100+ energy-focused VCs.

The InnoEnergy ecosystem perfectly demonstrates how collaboration can help the sustainability industry make real progress in the fight against climate change. It could be a big first step towards a cleaner, greener world.

Find out more about the degree programs at partner schools by reaching out to an ambassador.

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