EDHEC’s Finance Career Centre unlocks the industry for graduates

The financial industry is rapidly evolving, with new challenges constantly emerging. In such a competitive environment, how can future financial experts keep up and gain the skills needed to succeed? We spoke with Chloé Levy, Finance Career Centre Manager at EDHEC Business School, about how they support their students to build successful careers in finance.

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What is EDHEC’s Finance Career Centre, and what value does it bring to your career development?

The advantages of studying at a prestigious institution go far beyond the classroom. Supporting services are another area that sets the best schools apart from the rest. EDHEC’s Finance Career Centre is one such service. It is a dedicated career center for students in a finance master’s program

It’s the ideal bridge between the academic training students receive at EDHEC Business School and the on-demand skills and dynamics they will encounter in the real world. 

It is highly recognized within the finance world and provides privileged access to career services, industry networks, and job offers. Its mission is to create well-rounded professionals by giving students the personalized tools and support needed to achieve the technical, soft, and managerial skills that the financial industry of today demands. 

“The industry is evolving quickly. New roles are being created, others roles are becoming obsolete, and soft skills as well are evolving very quickly. This is why it requires constant adaptation for professionals, and for us, as a career center, it is important to give students the keys to adapt and evolve rapidly,” highlights Chloé Levy, Finance Career Centre Manager at EDHEC. (00:00)

The careers team comprises external counselors and two in-house career advisors with a professional background in finance. They put everything in place to help students adjust to the industry’s changes and facilitate a successful transition to the professional world. 

Career coaching while in school can be a huge differentiating factor in your career development. The sooner students start preparing for life after graduation, the better the outcomes. Chloé says, “The career booster program starts from day one at EDHEC.” (03:00

But what does that guidance and support look like in practice? 

Keep reading to learn how the Finance Career Centre helps its students expand their career opportunities.

1. A broad agenda of activities to build connections and skills

One of EDHEC’s Finance Career Centre’s first priorities is ensuring its students understand the market. 

“How do we do that? Every week, with the Career Centre, we organize sessions with alumni and companies, who dedicate some time to introduce the job, explain the trend of the market, give tips on the skills needed, and recruitment processes,” Chloé says. (01:08

In addition, the Finance Career Centre offers an extensive agenda of initiatives throughout the year (more than 60 events). These events acquaint students with the ins and outs of the industry, build valuable connections, and develop relevant skills for today’s financial market. 

Its first major event (usually in September) is the “Finance Career Days”. A two-day event designed to bring recruiters and candidates together. 

As Chloé tells us, “This event is divided into two parts: starting with a workshop to improve students’ employability; and then there’s a forum on campus, dedicated to the finance industry.” (02:37

Throughout the year, there are workshops and seminars to help students prepare for successful job interviews and other key phases of the hiring process. The careers team is there to help with mock interviews, and fine-tuning CVs, and cover letters. Students are even connected with others who have previously interned with or applied to a company they’re interested in. 

The focus is on providing students with as many real-life experiences as possible.

2. Tailor-made coaching and advice

EDHEC’s career services are recognized for their tailored approach. 

At EDHEC, you’re not just a number. As an individual, you have your own particular needs, goals, and strengths. The Financial Career Centre at EDHEC helps you maximize your experience through individualized coaching and advice sessions. That includes helping you define a career project, writing cover letters, and providing skill assessment tools for personal development. 

Chloé highlights, “One of our strongest assets at the Career Centre is that we provide students with individual meetings, and individual coaching. We advise them according to their background, to their value, what they are looking for. We try to consider the long-term perspective. We set together a real, proper strategy for each student.” (05:35)

3. High international mobility and placement rates

When it comes to a master’s program’s success, few things speak louder than job placement rates.

Every year EDHEC proudly places students among some of the biggest companies within the finance industry. A few examples are Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, City Group, and Morgan Stanley. 

“Our graduates are very successful with their placement,” says Chloé. “Actually, more than half of them already sign a contract before their graduation. The major French banks and the ‘Big Four’ are part of our top recruiters.(04:42)

On top of its impressive placement rates, EDHEC also takes a highly international approach to business education. All courses are taught in English, and students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in different markets (such as London, Paris, and Luxembourg). After being selected by the strength of their CV, Chloé explains that students can “meet local players, network, and learn about their careers in those cities.” (04:27)

This results in high international mobility among graduates.

“Half of our recent graduates found a job outside their home country,” Chloé says, “and 73% of international graduates find a job outside their country.” (05:14)

Overall, the Career Centre at EDHEC is designed to provide students with the know-how and expertise needed to pursue a successful international career.

What makes EDHEC’s Finance Career Centre exceptional?

The unparalleled guidance, individualized support, network, and specialized tools make EDHEC’s Finance Career Centre exceptional. Through this combination, they provide students access to a world of opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. 

All in all, EDHEC’s Finance Career Centre is an invaluable asset in helping springboard students to new heights in their careers by providing them with the relevant knowledge, perspective, and skills needed to become successful global leaders in finance.

If you’re considering studying a master’s degree at EDHEC, contact a student ambassador! They can share their experience with you, give advice, and answer any questions.

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