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Kanika Saini is currently completing the Master of Management (Mmgt) program at the Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Canada. She talks about how Schulich's well-respected name helps their alumni stand out, how they value giving back to their community, and how they use AI software to help students prepare for the job search process.

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The Schulich school name helps their alumni stand out

Before starting her Master of Management degree at the Schulich School of Business, Kanika Saini knew that it was one of the best business schools in Canada. In fact, it is ranked #1 in Canada by The Economist, Forbes, and CNN Expansion. Kanika was impressed at the impact the Schulich name had when people saw it on her CV.

She says, “I knew that Schulich [had] a good brand and [was] very recognizable…I assumed [recruiters] would like it. It ended up being more true than I thought…that name is very visible when you go to school there.” (01:53)

Kanika adds that when working on her Master’s program’s capstone project, a big name company chose to work with her group due to the Schulich School of Business’s great reputation.

“We have a culminating project at the end of our Master’s program, and I would say a prominent firm actually chose to work with us because of our name and also because of how big the Schulich alumni community is,” she explains. (02:02)

Prepare for job interviews with AI software

Something truly unique about the Schulich School of Business is the innovative software they give their students access to. In particular, Kanika used their software to help her prepare for job interviews. 

“It helps you prepare questions, it judges your questions in terms of quality and [precision],” she tells us. (03:19)

The Schulich School of Business offers this kind of software to all of their students, undergraduate and graduate alike, and it’s also user-friendly and easy to access. 

If you’re a Schulich School of Business student or alumni, it’s easy to create a Handshake account on the website in order to access their platform for job postings, workshops, company information sessions, career advising appointments, career resources, and more.

See how your CV compares to thousands of other students

Another kind of software that Schulich offers allows students to upload their CVs and receive helpful feedback on how to improve them. 

Kanika explains that this AI software compares students’ CVs to those of their peers. She personally found it very helpful when she was preparing for her job search. “I think I’ve really gotten to prepare and…hone how my resume looks before I started my job search so that’s been very helpful,” she says. (03:09)

Kanika dives deeper into how this kind of AI software helps students prepare and perfect their CVs.

“Once you upload your resume, the system will kind of read [it] and look at it for mistakes, look at it for formatting and whether you’ve done things correctly compared to thousands of other resumes,” she explains. “Then based on that, it will give you recommendations. It actually gives you recommendations for every word…it will give you insights…so it doesn’t just tell you where you went wrong, but it also tells you exactly how to fix [it].” (04:01)

The value of giving back to your community

The Schulich School of Business deeply values giving back to their community, both on- and off-campus. Kanika feels that they instill that same value in their students: “I feel like it’s a value that Schulich has that they kind of transfer to students as well.” (07:32)

Kanika explains that seeing how Schulich students, alumni, and staff gave back to their community has inspired her to do the same. She decided to put herself out there, get involved, and join the graduate student council.

“It made a big impact on me and it really pushed me to put myself out there and nominate myself as one of the candidates, and that’s why I’m part of the student council now,” she tells us. “I really wanted to give back to my community, and I can see myself doing that in the future as well once I’m an alumni.” (07:46)

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