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6 ways a Master in Marketing at EADA opens doors for your career

On the surface, the Master in Marketing at EADA is a great route into marketing management positions. However, when you scratch the surface, there are far more advantages hidden beneath. MASTERGRADSCHOOLS spoke to graduate Defne Kavas who lifted the lid on the program’s unique offering.

In short

1. Making synergies between two subjects

An increasing number of professionals are coming to the conclusion that a broad spectrum of skills is more valuable than a laser-focused specialization. Defne Kavas, for example, stepped out of her industrial engineering background to level-up with the Master in Marketing at EADA. Combining technical skills with business know-how puts students like Defne at a great advantage for jobs that require workers to wear two hats or to have a solid understanding of their sector’s finer details. 

More specifically, EADA Business School offers excellent opportunities for flexing your new muscles. With links to dynamic companies, students can put what they’ve learned into practice. Defne explored businesses through internships. She also entered a talent program between EADA and SAP, one of the world’s biggest software and cloud companies. On her experience, she says, “That also has been super helpful: dipping my foot in a super international big company from the beginning of my master’s experience. Hopefully, I will continue my career there.” (07:26

2. Learning leadership in context

As well as specialist skills, the Master in Marketing at EADA teaches leadership through the Leadership Development Program. Delivered from EADA’s Residential Training Campus in Collbató, the program teaches both personal and professional aptitudes, split into four modules:

  • Leading oneself
  • Leading in teams
  • Leading across the organization
  • Leading oneself in society

Speaking on the program, Defne explains, “For two days you get several modules on a personal level – one being on leadership, one being on teamwork, one being on management techniques. All of this adds many different layers to your business person other than the basic foundation you get from a business degree.” (04:26)

With this global understanding of leadership, graduates can apply their skills within the marketing sector and beyond.

3. Developing an international mindset

It’s great to take an interest in other cultures and stay abreast of world news. However, as Defne found out, “I always thought that I was an international person…but after coming here, I was basically in a bubble before.” (07:55)

Business schools like EADA and cities like Barcelona add a significant boost to how graduates handle themselves in the working world. The cultural immersion and the proximity to classmates of so many other nationalities are all preparation for dealing with foreign clients, working in offices abroad, and managing international companies. 

4. Barcelona as a city for business

Aside from the cosmopolitan blend of cultures and backgrounds, Barcelona is one of the top destinations for business professionals. The Financial Times recently placed it #10 on their list of European cities with the most fast-growing companies

Defne was well aware of the city’s potential when she applied. “The city is a growing hub for startups and all the tech and digital companies so it’s a super interesting scene to be in right now,” she tells us. (02:30

Students in the Master in Marketing at EADA get early insights into how such companies work before they even graduate. The Company Connection Week sees students visit a variety of businesses in Barcelona and abroad. EADA carefully selects companies and cities at the bleeding edge of innovation, diversity, and cultural significance. This gives students invaluable knowledge of how companies are adapting to ever-changing social and business contexts, rather than relying on traditional methods that have been slower to react.

5. EADA’s prestige as a business school

Most people know what they want to study before they start looking for a postgraduate course.  A typical search will then look at the location, then at the school itself. Following this trend, Defne had already decided on Barcelona as the city. Through her research, EADA’s name kept popping up. It’s little wonder EADA was so ubiquitous. Ranked #25 in the Financial Times’ Top 25 Business Schools in Europe, it has garnered a reputation for quality across all its courses. 

Going into more detail, Defne looked at the course and approach. She says, “Everything is way more complex [than other business schools] and it gives a full approach on the several different perspectives you might need as a leader or a business person in the future.” (03:17)

6. Creating a dynamic professional network

Sure, you can study a master of marketing almost anywhere in the world. But as Defne discovered, leading business schools such as EADA can give you the edge in terms of your contacts. She tells MASTERGRADSCHOOLS, “I don’t know how they managed to bring together these super cool people. It’s like they hand-picked each of them. But the people are actually what gives you the most out of this experience. You get to share so much and everybody brings in something.” (08:31)

Because of its prestige in the world, EADA consistently produces cohorts of dynamic, dedicated profiles who empower each other. Not only is this a big motivator and eye-opener throughout your studies, but you move into the world of work with excellent contacts across a range of sectors. The Master in Marketing at EADA is just one source of the top talent found in the school’s alumni network.

The old maxim “it’s not what you know, but who you know” is as true now as it has always been. As a result, EADA graduates are already at an advantage over master’s graduates from other schools. 

On top of the six advantages of the Master in Marketing at EADA, Defne left prospective students with this piece of advice: “It’s super important to understand what you want to get out of it, specifically in the selection of the right program for you.” (09:32) So, when choosing a postgraduate program, be sure to look beyond the specialization and delve into the course’s future potential.

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