Build a safer future with an MSc in Cyber Security

Webster University is a renowned American institution with campuses spread all around the world. One of them is located in the Dutch town of Leiden and offers a unique MS program in Cyber Security. Learn more about this specialized master’s course, why cyber security is such an important field of study for a safer future, and what Webster University has to offer prospective students.

In short

About Webster University's specialized online MS in Cyber Security

Webster University’s Master of Science in Cyber Security is a technical, 36-credit online course. It aims to prepare its students for challenging, rewarding, and demanding careers in cyber security management.

Some of the most important learning outcomes of the program include:

  • Explaining important principles and theories used throughout the field of cyber security.
  • Applying knowledge from the field of cyber security to real-world problems.
  • Effectively integrating knowledge from the field of cyber security in order to propose solutions to real-world problems.

In order to be admitted to the MS in Cyber Security program, it’s important that students have a technical background due to the nature of the course. Some key competencies include:

  • Knowledge of computer systems and digital networks.
  • Familiarity with internet and wireless applications.
  • Great mathematical skills (including high school level algebra and exposure to trigonometry).
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Why cyber security is an important field of study for the future

Dr. Thomas A. Johnson is the Associate Vice President and Chief of Strategic Initiatives at Webster University. According to Dr. Johnson, cyber security is an extremely important field of study because “it prepares [students] for the challenges that they’re going to confront to protect their data [and] privacy.” (00:54)

He also goes on to explain that cyber security experts are very in-demand in this day and age. In fact “in the United States alone there are over a million [jobs and vacancies] in this area.” (01:13) These are positions that are going to remain in demand over the next couple of decades.

Johan Rambi is a faculty member of Webster University’s MS Cyber Security program. He adds that cyber security is a very hot topic around the world at the moment, which makes it a great specialization to study.

The advantages of studying at Webster University

Webster University has a lot to offer any prospective student. Because it’s an American university with campuses located all around the world, it provides a fantastic global learning experience.

Webster Leiden Campus’ Director, Professor Dr. Jean Paul van Marissing, points out that one of the institution’s biggest advantages is the fact that they “have small classrooms, about 12 to 15 students, and [they’re] from around the world.” (00:22)

Webster University also participates in innovative management events like 600Minutes Cyber Security, which gives students the chance to enrich their knowledge and network with top professionals in the field.

Slaven Rumenjak is an MS Cyber Security student. He chose to enroll in Webster University’s program because of his interest in the curriculum and the fact that “[their] lecturers are high-level experts and professionals in the field of Cyber Security.” (01:44)

Overall, the MS Cyber Security program at Webster University’s Leiden campus is truly unique, dynamic, well-rounded, and would be a fantastic choice for any student interested in the field.

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