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3 ways a Master of Marketing Analytics and Insights future proofs your career

What does the NUS MSc in Marketing Analytics and Insights have that sets it apart from the rest? NUS student Michael Tseng told MASTERGRADSCHOOLS how his pathway differed from a standard master’s degree in marketing. We’ll look at the international experience, dedicated careers service, hard analytical skills, and much more.

In short

Why study a Master of Marketing Analytics?

Perhaps the most obvious reason for studying a Master of Marketing Analytics is the career focus. Worldwide, the marketing analytics industry is expected to double from $3.2 billion in 2021 to $6.4 billion by 2026. With such rapid growth, there is likely to be high demand for these profiles looking forward.

Rather than a standard master’s degree in marketing, analytics and insights bring a more technical aspect to the course. This gives students the opportunity to draw together skills traditionally in the realm of programmers with similar business and marketing skills that you would learn in any other marketing master’s. 

Michael Tseng recognized how important these skills currently are, and will continue to be, in the world of business. However, in his case, one of the main reasons was of a more personal variety. “I would say it’s to step out of my comfort zone because enrolling in this program enables me to study with brilliant business students from different countries, and also because I am doing the CEMS MIM program where we are required to also exchange to another business school,” he shares. (02:17)

What is the CEMS Master in International Management?

CEMS is the Global Alliance in Management Education – an association of leading business schools, NGOs, and international companies. The CEMS Master in International Management (MIM) is a degree for students on specific courses in a CEMS institution, and it is taught across all schools of the CEMS network.

Alongside the MSc in Marketing Analytics and Insights, NUS students are able to enroll in the CEMS MIM program to graduate with a double degree. The double degree is an exclusive course. As Michael explains, “Only one business school from each country can attend the [CEMS] alliance, so for example in Singapore, NUS is the business school inside the alliance.” (04:17)

What international opportunities does the degree offer?

The CEMS MIM aspect of the program is much more than something to fill out a resume. As CEMS unites business schools from all over the world, those studying the course are able to get invaluable international exposure through exchange programs with partner universities.

Aside from the management course content, the international exchanges offer students a more global perspective on how business works. Students learn languages, understand local customs, and meet people from all over the world. “I did my exchange at HEC Paris, France, and I also got to meet other business students who are from Europe or middle or South America or other countries,” Michael says. (02:44)

How does a Master of Marketing Analytics and Insights prepare you for your career?

Every marketing master gives you the context, knowledge, and experience to help you springboard into your career. However, the MSc in Marketing Analytics and Insights at NUS Business School has three specific areas that are advantageous to your career:

Hard skills in data analytics

The subject of marketing analytics and insights is at the crossroads of business education and technical know-how. It is an area that is becoming ever more popular as companies from all sectors seek out data-driven insights to guide their businesses. Graduates in business analytics are proving themselves to be increasingly marketable as adaptable profiles who can speak both languages and create strategies that work from both technical and business perspectives.

With a background in business administration and marketing, Michael knew he had a lot to learn on the technical side. He tells MASTERGRADSCHOOLS, “I wasn’t from a programming or computer science background and with this program I learned how to code in R and how to code in Python.” (08:38)

A strong professional network

It’s not just the added hard skills that make this marketing master so beneficial to the future careers of graduates. NUS Business School encourages and facilitates its students in making valuable professional connections. As a result, they begin their professional careers surrounded by people who can help them succeed. 

Michael elaborates, “With NUS and also with CEMS, we can get connected to alumni, get connected to a lot of companies, corporate partners, and also get connected to classmates who are working all over the world.” (09:21)

Career advice and guidance

As well as helping students make connections, NUS offers a career service that puts its students in the best position as they take the next step. Michael summarizes, “Every student gets assigned a career advisor who students can go to if they have any questions or doubts regarding any career goals or interview preparations et cetera.” (09:48)

The department, named BIZCareers, offers an intensive amount of services, ranging from webinars at the beginning of the program to editing customized resumes for different positions and even preparing for specialized interviews such as self-recorded statements.

Want to hear more about NUS? Get in touch with Michael or other NUS Business School students directly through the MASTERGRADSCHOOLS Ambassadors Page

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