3 new business master’s programs you need to know about

Business master’s programs need to keep evolving to keep up with the changing face of the workplace. Here are three new specialized business master’s programs at ESMT Berlin introduced in 2022 that cover some of the hottest topics in business right now.

In short

What is a specialized business master’s program?

A specialized business master’s program covers a specific topic related to business. Examples include marketing, data analytics, and entrepreneurship. They contrast with degrees such as a MIM or MBA, which provide students with a more general set of business skills.

Let’s take a look at three new specialized business master’s programs at ESMT Berlin:

1. Master in Global Management

To adapt to the changing needs of the job market, business degrees must constantly evolve to ensure their graduates can stay on top of the latest trends. That’s why there are new programs appearing every year which address new and developing business niches.

Roland Siegers is the Director of Early Career Programs at ESMT Berlin in Germany, one of the top-ranked business schools in Europe. While ESMT’s Master in Global Management is not a new program, it has been revamped based on the school’s top-ranked original Master in Management (MIM). Roland told us a little more about what the program entails:

“The Master in Global Management is a 24 months long, full-time program,” he says. “It begins in September of any given year. For the first seven months, we take students through some intensive coursework to introduce the concepts and knowledge they need for business at large, but also for the specializations they’ve chosen.” (00:41)

He continued, “After those first seven months, students then embark on a series of different practice immersions. They will either take an internship with one of the companies in the wider ESMT Berlin ecosystem or they could choose to join our summer entrepreneurship program with Vali Berlin, our entrepreneurship hub.” (01:04)

The second year of the program is when students have the chance to explore their specialist topics of choice – otherwise known as electives. In the Master in Global Management, these electives include Business Model Innovation, Digital Marketing, and Data Science for Analytics. After students complete a Social Impact Project, the program concludes with a master’s thesis.

“We’re looking for curious people who are interculturally savvy. If you’re interested in strategy, or consulting, or working in a big multinational, then you should be choosing the Master in Global Management,” Roland adds. (02:29)

2. Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Another topic that will be of interest to many is innovation and entrepreneurship. And where better to study it than in Berlin – commonly referred to as the startup capital of Europe?

“If you’re interested in tapping into the rich and vivid Berlin startup ecosystem, then the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at ESMT Berlin is perfect for you,” says Roland. “We’re looking for disruptive innovators to join this program.” (02:38)

The Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MIE) at ESMT Berlin begins with a set of theory-based classes, where you’ll learn about the principles of innovation and how entrepreneurship really works. You will also take part in skills seminars on topics like key writing skills, business presentations, and storytelling.

In the middle of the program, you will get the chance to connect with Berlin’s vibrant startup ecosystem. Your first option is to intern at one of ESMT Berlin’s partnered startups – though students can also source their own internship.

The second option is to take part in ESMT’s Summer Entrepreneurship Program (SEP). During this six-month program, experts from the Berlin startup scene will deliver workshops and mentoring sessions designed to guide you through every stage of the startup process – from ideation and market research to financing and pitching. 

You’ll then study further electives of your choice and gain more practical experience through a Next Acceleration Program, Corporate Entrepreneurship Program, and Innovation Consulting Project. The MIE offers the perfect blend of theory and practice that will give you all the tools you need to join a thriving startup – or establish your own.

3. Master in Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Another hot topic in business at the moment is artificial intelligence. We’re perhaps only just beginning to understand the potential of artificial intelligence, and how it might benefit businesses. Successfully harnessing it is another challenge entirely – but it’s one that ESMT Berlin is trying to prepare you for through their new Master in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

“If you’re really interested in how data shapes industry and business then the Master’s in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is the master’s you should be choosing. It’s for people who want to explore data-driven solutions for business challenges,” says Roland. (02:51)

This program teaches you how to use complex data and artificial intelligence for the benefit of business. You’ll learn how to make key business decisions driven by data and identify the opportunities that AI can create for companies.

As it is a master’s level program, students aren’t expected to have several years of work experience. Instead, it’s targeted at young professionals who want to expand their knowledge of an ever-expanding area of study.

By the end of the program, you’ll have the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to either join the data analysis team of an established business or start your own business venture. It’s a versatile, forward-thinking degree that gives you the skills that employers are looking for.

Are you thinking of studying a specialized business master’s program? If so, feel free to reach out to one of our ambassadors with any questions you may have.

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