5 fundamental reasons to study digital marketing in Dublin

It’s easy to flick through a prospectus and come away thinking you’ve just been reading about the world’s greatest business school. But, what do the students themselves think? We heard from four UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School students who told us why they chose to study digital marketing in Dublin.

In short

1. Get a quality education

We’ll kick off this list with something obvious: the quality of education you get when you study digital marketing in Dublin with UCD Smurfit School. Of course, not every school is the same and there are hundreds of massive open online courses (MOOCs) that often guarantee low cost, low quality, and low recognition.

What sets UCD Smurfit School’s MSc in Digital Marketing apart is its dedication to cutting-edge industry tools and techniques. Rather than focusing on theory, students concentrate on the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing in all areas of a business. What they teach in the classroom is replicated in the curriculum’s work experience, with students collaborating hand-in-hand with top companies.

Nisha Rajendraprasad had educational quality at the top of her priority list. “The reason why I chose Smurfit is because it’s the leading school in Dublin and one of the highest-ranking schools in Europe,” she says. (00:53

She’s not wrong.

University College Dublin: Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School earned an enviable 3rd place in the Financial Times’ European Business School Masters in Management Rankings in 2021. 

2. Dublin: A European hub for digital marketing

So, you know you’re getting a leading education, but what about the city itself? 

Dublin is already an attractive capital for digital nomads, many of whom work in the marketing world. With excellent Wi-Fi and a great café and coworking culture, it’s a haven for creative minds.

Plenty of candidates choose to study digital marketing in Dublin because it’s a base for so many top companies. UCD Smurfit School 2014 graduate Nicholas Murphy has a better understanding than most about the digital marketing opportunities in Dublin. He says, “Facebook is here, HubSpot is here, Google – all the big names. It really is just a no-brainer.” (00:20

Being in a buzzing atmosphere with bright minds and top companies can open doors that you might not find elsewhere. To sum it up, Nisha adds, “What better place to study digital marketing than the digital capital itself?” (01:00)

3. Excellent student life in the capital of Ireland

As well as being a leading digital center, Dublin is a fantastic city outside the office. It is a cosmopolitan city full of (often free) museums, art galleries, bars, and pubs that are steeped in history. Gregory Xavier highlighted the multicultural aspect on campus as well. He says, “There’s a lot of different cultures here, about [70%] of the class actually comes from overseas.” (01:40)

If you decide to study digital marketing in Dublin, there are plenty of clubs and societies you can join, spanning sports, nationalities, and of course, business. Clubs are among the best ways to find your feet in a new city, although Dublin’s famous warm, friendly atmosphere will do a lot of the hard work too.

Originally from India, Nisha decided to move to Ireland for her studies. “I love the experience of being a student here at [UCD] Smurfit [School],” she says. “It’s really exciting and everybody’s very friendly and welcoming.” (01:35)

4. An impressive track record of successful alumni

With the course content and industry exposure giving students such an advantage, those who study digital marketing in Dublin have a high chance of success in their careers. Furthermore, UCD Smurfit School boasts an 82% employment rate after six months of graduating from the course.

It was the pathways of past students that inspired Paula Kelly. She shares, “A number of my friends went on to Smurfit at the time and since then, they’ve all gone on and they’ve developed their careers really well and I think it was because of Smurfit.” (00:29)

Companies are aware of this and come to the school because of the quality of the students. Speaking at a careers fair, Nicholas Murphy reflects, “We have Google, Facebook and the likes all knocking on our door to talk to us. It’s really the exact opposite way of what I thought it would be like trying to look for a career.” (01:56)

5. A great opportunity for international students

With 22 nationalities in the 2021/2022 cohort, international applicants who choose to study digital marketing in Dublin will receive a warm welcome. The international contingent makes up 71% of the program’s students, making for an exciting dynamic and a wealth of different perspectives.

Outside the classroom, Ireland offers excellent opportunities to students from abroad. As an English-speaking EU nation, you don’t have to start learning a new language from the beginning. You are also merely a stone’s throw from mainland Europe.

Nisha says, “I would highly recommend UCD Smurfit [School] to other international students because I think it’s one of the best platforms that would help you to launch yourself into the digital world.” (01:45)

Study digital marketing in Dublin: A summary

We hope the insights of the UCD Smurfit School students have helped clarify your idea of the MSc in Digital Marketing and its benefits. A dynamic course with excellent classmates in one of Europe’s top tech cities – what could be better?

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