Take a digital leap of faith with the digital business master at ESCP Business School

How do you balance the economic and creative needs of a business? With this master’s program, Copenhagen Business School believes they have the answer. We spoke to school officials to learn more about their Master’s in Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship.

In short

ESCP recognizes the importance of digital business

If you’ve had your eye anywhere near the ball, you’ll know the digitalization of companies and processes is inevitable. However, a lot of well-established organizations have been painfully slow to react in certain areas of their business. Stuck in the force of habit, these companies will only evolve with bright minds who can lead the way. 

This is what ESCP graduate, Klará Moozová, found in her three years of work experience after her bachelor’s degree. Looking back at the experience, she says, “It was really hard to encourage all the different stakeholders to take this digital leap of faith.” (00:56)

Klará’s motivation is not uncommon among digital business master’s students: getting a solid understanding of digitalization to drive companies forward. That’s why Klará was ultimately drawn to ESCP Business School, the world’s first business school that boasts one of the most innovative mindsets and a wealth of impressive rankings and accreditations. In her words, “I was really happy to find out when I realized one of the top universities in Europe is offering such a modern, forward-thinking subject.” (01:13)

You’ll pick up wide-reaching skills with different classroom formats

If there’s one thing that stands out above all else in business, it’s adaptability. Being able to talk to others at the level they expect, finding unique solutions to issues, and applying techniques from one industry to another are all highly valued skills. 

ESCP’s teaching style prepares students for a world where there is no one agreed-upon way of doing things. Indeed, Klará singles out the range of different classes as her favorite part of the course. She explains, “It’s the way you learn the best, so I think I like most the variety and diversity of the topics that we’re learning and also the style of teaching.” (02:02)

Classroom formats can vary massively on the digital business master to teach students how to operate in different environments. Some are standard and taught as lectures, while others see you immersed in a digital game, learning as a character. ESCP Berlin also teams up with Bain & Company, a global management consulting firm, where students have to prepare a presentation and think on their feet through a 20-minute Q&A from experts.

A typical day at ESCP is… Atypical

At ESCP, you don’t get the same schedule week in and week out, but who would want to? The digital business master is structured in a way that sees you jump from the classroom to a case study on a frequent basis, so no two weeks are the same. As well as being far more interesting and varied than a traditional master’s program, the program helps students work on transferable skills, such as time management, organization, and adaptability. 

Being thrown in at the deep end is not so easy to adapt to, as Klará attests. “At least for me, it was very difficult to get used to at the beginning,” she recalls. “You’ve got, for example, three days of one subject, then you completely finish it and then you have a project or an essay to write.” (02:23)

However, in the dynamic world of digital business, best practices, tasks, and priorities change at a rapid pace, so this training is crucial to the future careers of graduates.

Life as a master’s student in Berlin is great - no matter your background

It’s no secret that Berlin is a melting pot of both culture and business. It is one of the most accepting cities in Europe, welcoming people from all over the world, and taking a laissez-faire attitude to communities of all kinds. 

Having lived in eight different countries, Czech-born Klará says the German capital’s open outlook is one of its best features. She says,  “Being in Berlin is like, no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, no matter whatever you like, you will always find your people around.” (03:33)

However, most master’s degrees are ultimately a pathway to a new job. That’s where Germany’s economic dominance at the heart of Europe comes in. More and more talent is flocking to Berlin for both the established multinationals, such as Deutsche Bank, Siemens, and Bayer, as well as exciting startups such as Ecosia, Joblift, and Ninox. Klará is absolutely a part of the talent rush. She says, “I always wanted to work in one of the DACH regions and I wanted a good combination with a business background.” (00:35)

How to hit the ground running on your digital business master

ESCP does not provide a run-of-the-mill business course meant to check a box before you start your career. It is a tough program that requires you to be demanding of yourself. As it is still relatively niche, you need to have a clear understanding of why you want to study it. 

Klará advises, “if you really see your future in there and you understand why the program is the right fit for you, then you’re going to have a really good time and you’re going to learn a lot.” (03:59)

In a world that’s increasingly reliant on digital know-how, the digital business master at ESCP will give you a real head start on those who haven’t specialized. But, reaching the heights that ESCP graduates reach is no walk in the park. Klará leaves us with a cautionary tale: “It’s like a rollercoaster of emotions as well, but I think that’s what makes it so exciting.” (04:08)

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