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Doing your master’s at “one of the coolest places in the world”

Ever thought about doing your master’s in Berlin? In this video on MASTERTUBE, ESMT Berlin students and faculty describe their experiences in Germany’s capital city, "one of the coolest places in the world.

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Ranked #1 Business School in Germany - ESMT Berlin

"One of the coolest places in the world"

Berlin has long been a magnet for international students and expats from all over the world. Around 20% of the city’s population are foreign nationals. One of those internationals who came to Berlin is Diana Mojica Rojas, a Colombian who studied at ESMT in 2019. 

“I wanted my education to be influenced as much by location as by the school,” explains Diana (00:49). “Berlin is full of people doing amazing things. It’s not all ‘work work work.’ It is one of the coolest places in the world.” (01:49)

When it comes to doing a master’s abroad, it’s especially important to look at factors beyond the course or institution. Try to think about how the location will fit in with you as a person, and if you will enjoy living in the city on a day-to-day basis. Diana clearly did: “There are a lot of restaurants, bars, and clubs in the city, so whenever you’re not in class it’s impossible to be bored here.” (02:07)

An international flavor and job prospects aplenty

Universities and business schools often hold strong bonds with the cities in which they’re based. They reflect the city, and the city reflects them. This is perhaps none more so the case than at ESMT Berlin, where the Master in Management intake for 2020 comprises 74% international students. 

“ESMT Berlin is not just based in Berlin,” says Marcel Kalis, Head of Career Services at ESMT (00:18). “We are shaped by it. We are international, entrepreneurial and dynamic. We are a school that changes with business and our city.” (02:37)

Berlin is, according to Marcel, “in the heart of the economic and political power in Europe.” It is also home to several multinational corporations – making the city’s post-graduation job prospects very appealing.

The location of your master’s program represents an opportunity to build a network of contacts within the local business community. Studying for a master’s in Berlin can therefore set the foundations for your future career.

The startup capital of Europe 

Beyond the conglomerates you will also find arguably the most thriving startup scene in all of Europe. A combination of low office rents and a young, educated population have seen startup rates soar in recent years. As if to prove its worth as a startup capital, Berlin even has the obligatory play of words on ‘Silicon Valley’ – the city’s cluster of startups and tech companies has been termed “Silicon Allee.”

Anna Frankowski is the Corporate Relations Manager at ESMT Berlin. She discusses how the university works with the city to nurture this dynamic startup scene, partly through the development of a 3,500m2 co-working space called Space Shack which opened in 2017.

“Space Shack was founded in partnership between ESMT alumni and the school. It’s a co-working space that can be used by our students, alumni, and entrepreneurs from across the city,” says Anna (01:24). It is a perfect example of the close links that a school like ESMT has with the city.

Whether you have your sights set on a corporate role or have dreams of being an entrepreneur, Berlin has the business infrastructure to suit anyone. Is it time you considered a master’s in Berlin?

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