What does life look like at the Nyenrode Amsterdam campus?

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s leading cities for business, and as one of only five private universities in the Netherlands, students at Nyenrode Business University get a unique learning experience. We heard from students Elfi de Rooij and Aydan Kool about their experience studying at the Nyenrode Amsterdam campus and life in the Dutch capital.

In short

The Nyenrode Amsterdam campus: A top-class learning environment

Nyenrode Business University’s campus in Amsterdam (with the other campus located in Brukelen) is a fantastic training ground for future business leaders. You can choose from a range of MBA and master’s programs, as well as more specialist master’s programs.

Nyenrode’s reputation is partly built on an attentive teaching style in the classroom. Ayden reports that “lecturers really try to engage students and usually there’s a lot of back and forth in lectures.” (01:00)

Elfi highlights the point that “you don’t just have to study from a book. It’s really practical.” (00:52). The focus on practical learning finetunes students’ skills through real-world application, rather than concentrating only on theory. 

Furthermore, students on the Nyenrode Amsterdam campus are encouraged to draw on the experience of real businesses and their leaders. Aside from company visits throughout their programs, “you have guest lectures from people who really have important functions in businesses.” (00:54)

Encouraging innovation

Ayden explains that “in Nyenrode Amsterdam, we have the [Nyenrode] Incubator. [Whoever] wants to start up a company can approach for aid and get an office space in the Amsterdam building.” (01:09)

In the Nyenrode Incubator, students are encouraged to try out their business ideas in a safe environment with support from faculty. But nothing is offered on a plate. Elfi states that Nyenrode “really teaches you to be proactive and to work on yourself.” (01:41)

Ayden adds, “The atmosphere in Nyenrode is one that is very open and it’s safe to make mistakes.” (01:47) The focus on personal development and the ability to make mistakes means students grow throughout their studies. Ultimately, they graduate with the skills and confidence they need to make their mark in the world of business. “You are able to learn from your experiences and move forward from there.” (01:53)

Life on the Nyenrode Amsterdam campus

Student life isn’t all about studying, however. The dynamic academic side is complemented by a close-knit student community, represented by the JCV Student Association which organizes “all sorts of events, ranging from formal business events to parties.” (01:21)

Now Chairman of the JCV Student Association, Ayden plays a key role in life for students. He says, “I chose to study at Nyenrode instead of other universities because I was really impressed by the atmosphere that Nyenrode had.” (00:12

Speaking about the campus, Ayden says, “I really enjoy the Bizlounge because it’s the main part where you have all the functions, so you make a lot of memories there.” (00:32)

Elfi balances her studies with a sporting outlet and sees Nyenrode as an institution that encourages personal growth. “I think the main focus of Nyenrode is really to be better as a person. That also includes…sports and I think it really teaches you to be proactive and to work on yourself,” she says. (01:35)

Amsterdam: A top European capital

Situated right in the center of the city, students on the Nyenrode Amsterdam campus get access to the best that the Dutch capital has to offer in terms of culture and student life. Known for its bikes and pancake-flat topography, you can easily cycle to world-class art galleries, museums, and restaurants without breaking too much of a sweat.

It is an exciting and diverse city with a friendly multicultural population and excellent transport links for students coming from abroad. But there’s much more on offer for master’s students. As Elfi says, “there are so many startups, interesting businesses, and they are all just around the corner.“ (00:24) She’s not wrong – ING, KLM, and Booking.com call Amsterdam home. Nike, Uber, and Netflix all use the Dutch capital city as their EMEA headquarters. The startup scene in the Netherlands has been on the rise for a few years now, with autonomous aircraft creators Avy, health-tech experts Clear Health Program, and charity watchdog Kinder (no, not the chocolate company).

If this sounds like the kind of bustling metropolitan experience you’re looking for, check out the Nyenrode Amsterdam campus and gain the skills and confidence to thrive in this dynamic business hub.

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