4 powerful ways Esade’s MSc in Global Strategic Management improves your international business skills

With the world becoming ever more interconnected, international business skills have gone from a useful specialty to an essential part of working life. Don’t just take our word for it. As one of the success stories of Esade’s MSc in Global Strategic Management, Colleen Betik’s story reveals exactly how an international perspective has affected her both personally and professionally.

In short

A brief overview of Esade Global Strategic Management (MGSM)

If you’re still unsure what a master degree is, this will give you an outline. 

The MSc in Global Strategic Management (MGSM) at Esade Business School is an international business master’s degree that is more focused than an MBA. It concentrates on how to design and execute a global business strategy.

Esade collaborates with McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia (UVA) Lingnan (University) College, where students can put their international business skills into practice. Colleen Betik succinctly sums up the benefits of such a global education: “You have students from 13 different countries, you have three different career centers, and you have access to three different alumni networks.” (00:31)

Students of the MGSM, therefore, graduate with a dual degree, a dynamic professional network, and a deep understanding of global strategic management.

1. It opens your eyes to how international business works

The Global Strategic Management program equips students with skills that they can point in any direction and become a success. The backdrop to all of the individual modules is a focus on applying everything they’ve learned in an international setting. 

Colleen praised the variety of classes at Esade. She says, “The MSc in Global Strategic Management actually offers a wide breadth of different classes for students in business and global business.” (00:43) Some of these will be immediately applicable in a student’s career, whereas others will be a building block in the vast general business knowledge that the master’s aims to offer. 

Throughout the program, students start to explore potential career paths and concentrate their efforts on getting there. This can be by specializing in their thesis, applying for an internship, or in the classes themselves. For Colleen, the focus was on working with data. As she puts it, “I think the most useful ones for me were the Analysis for Decision Making course and our Marketing Research and Analytics course.” (00:51)

2. You share international perspectives

Small cohorts mean the group bonds tightly together and each individual can get a personalized learning experience from their professors. The impressive mix allows students to absorb international business skills and perspectives from their classmates. Of the 49 students in the 2021-2022 intake, there are 17 nationalities separated over five continents:

  • 39% Europe
  • 37% North America
  • 20% Asia
  • 2% LATAM & Caribbean
  • 2% Africa

Whether you’re in the classroom or outside, learning from each other is a continuous advantage for students at Esade. Reflecting on her experience, Colleen says, “You can just walk up to someone and say ‘hi’ and just be able to really have a great conversation with someone about things that you’re interested in and topics that you’ve never even heard of before.” (01:16)

3. You’ll build a world-class network

Esade has a long-standing reputation as one of Europe’s leading business schools. As such, it opens the door to an excellent network of professionals. Indeed, it was among Colleen’s top motivations for choosing the school. She points out, “The most important reason that I chose the MSc in Global Strategic Management is because of the connections. You really can’t compare it to any other experience.” (00:22)

Students also gain exposure to international figures and corporations as they travel between Spain, China, and the USA. Esade and its partner institutions value the input of corporate guest speakers and run frequent sessions. Students go on to complete intensive management internships. This serves as a way of putting the theory they’ve learned into practice, all within an international setting.

In summary, Colleen says, “The MSc in Global Strategic Management is a program that connects students around the globe and allows them to expand their network and utilize their skills to improve themselves both personally and professionally.” (00:06)

4. You’re in line for unique career opportunities

A powerful network, international business skills, and a school with such a strong reputation on your resumé tend to open doors for Esade students. With this background, MGSM graduates frequently go on to work in companies with international bases. 

Colleen is no different. Recently graduated, she says, “This fall I was actually lucky enough to earn a position as a Product Marketing Manager with Amazon Web Services.” (01:59)

Your opportunities only widen when you can count on the help of three career centers all on different continents. Graduates from the MSc in Global Strategic Management can get expert advice from career services in each country. In addition, there are four Career Fairs across the three countries throughout the program, as well as virtual events. 

In a nod toward the abundant services, Colleen adds, “I definitely would not have this position without the help of the career services from the three different universities. I was able to leverage the alumni network to connect with a variety of people and I learned a lot about how Amazon works, how the job application process and interviews work, and received a lot of great tips.” (02:04)

Esade: World-renowned for excellent business education

Offering such a comprehensive set of international business skills and unique global experiences, it’s no surprise that Esade’s MSc ranks 11th in the Financial Times Masters in Management 2021 rankings

The MGSM is a great option for those who want to focus on a global outlook. And it’s not just about your career. As a final thought, says, “I would say this program is definitely a life-changing experience. I am not the same person I was nine months ago and this change is definitely for the better.” (2:27)

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