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7 things to expect from a Master’s in Marketing Intelligence at Fordham University

With such fast-paced surroundings, living and studying in New York is the dream for future marketing experts. Add an innovative Master’s in Marketing Intelligence at the Gabelli School of Business into the mix, and you might think the advantages are obvious. However, graduate Aditya Gupta told MASTERGRADSCHOOLS about some of the less-expected ways his degree improved him as a person and opened up new doors professionally.

In short

The Master’s in Marketing Intelligence: In summary

The introduction of algorithms has blown traditional trial-and-error marketing techniques out of the water. Instead, companies are capitalizing on data-driven methods. It’s up to business schools to prepare students for this new reality. 

The Master’s in Marketing Intelligence at the Gabelli School of Business is at the forefront of the latest trends in marketing. It opens doors for both creative and data-driven minds who want to gain relevant leadership intelligence for the future. Drawing on the experience of classmates, professors, and business leaders from the Big Apple, the course sets you up to be an innovator in the world of marketing.

Let’s take a look at seven things you can expect by studying at the Gabelli School.

1. A job market with unique applications

Aditya made a drastic transition from electrical engineering to marketing and quickly knew it was the right decision. Before applying for the Master’s in Marketing Intelligence, he gained rewarding experience in the field. In his words: “I got into market research…and I was given a lot of very interesting markets like vegan cheese, natural food colors, plant-based foods, and I absolutely enjoyed working on them.” (04:29)

With data now playing a major role, the marketing sector appeals to a vast range of profiles. This means that different types of thinking can all apply their perspective in all kinds of industries.

2. A world-class location

One of the key benefits of studying the Master’s in Marketing Intelligence at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business is its prized location in New York City. You’ll be close to marketing giants, such as BBDO Worldwide, as well as more recent unicorns, like The Brandtech Group.

As well as being one of the world’s most exciting cities, New York is the perfect springboard for aspiring young leaders. Aditya agrees. He says, “The fact that it is located in Manhattan played a big role in me deciding to go to Fordham. You’ll get more and more opportunities in New York since it’s a hub for marketing.” (01:44)

3. Excellent job prospects

International students at the Gabelli School of Business get a five-year visa. This means they have a few post-graduation years to explore working in the USA before looking into a visa renewal. This was Aditya’s plan all along. He explains, “You get a lot of exposure being in this kind of location and it played a big role in me choosing Fordham.” (02:23)

The Gabelli School of Business connects its students with Fortune 500 companies to add another dimension to the learning experience. With industry speakers, competitions, hackathons, and workshops led by executives, you can expect to feed off the experience of those who have already made their mark in the world of business. 

New York since it’s a hub for marketing.” (01:44)

4. A setting for improving interpersonal skills

One of the most common takeaways we at MASTERGRADSCHOOLS hear from students is interpersonal skills. With student clubs, social events, and a focus on presentations, Fordham University helps shy students develop their way with words.

Aditya is still among the more introverted of his cohort, but the degree has been transformative. He tells us, “From this experience I’m able to talk to a lot of new people, to be able to participate in the class without hesitating and ask the right questions.” (06:16)

5. If you want something, go for it

A master’s degree requires dedication from students from the outset and you can’t expect everything to go perfectly smoothly. During his application, Aditya was faced with the difficult situation of COVID-19 that affected so many international students. This led to a shortage of appointments for him to get his visa to study in the USA.

Although the visa situation is now far easier, Gupta saw it as a test of his determination. He tells MASTERGRADSCHOOLS, “I had to stay up all day, be vigilant with the website for when a new appointment was going to open.” (07:05) One of the lessons learned from a master’s is that nothing is given to you on a plate. You need to be hardworking and committed in every area.

6. A far-reaching curriculum

The Master’s in Marketing Intelligence at Gabelli covers a wealth of topics, giving graduates a 360-degree view of their industry. Aditya summed up the broad focus as follows: “The best thing about the curriculum was it had both the data-driven side and the core side of the marketing, like media.” (01:33)

Studying so many different facets of marketing in just one year is no easy feat. Students are expected to practice what they learn in the classroom in student clubs, at events, and through internships. 

7. Improved time management skills

Any master’s degree will test you in less academic ways, such as in your time management. Make sure not to neglect it. You might be able to do an all-nighter when you’re young, but it has a drastic impact on your health and mental performance. 

Aditya saw it as one of the key takeaways. He says, “I think professionally I would say the biggest thing I’ve learned in the last few months is how to manage your time.” (05:23) By completing all your tasks well in advance, you open up new time frames to develop professionally and personally. 

Gabelli School of Business: An all-round experience

As Aditya has told us, the Master’s in Marketing Intelligence offers even more than an innovative education from the reputable Gabelli School of Business. 

The degree is an opportunity to grow in so many ways, so to anyone choosing the same path – best of luck!

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