Choosing a graduate school that matches your values

After years of studying and traveling around the world, Sean McQuaid is now back in his native London, studying at Hult International Business School. We discovered why he chose Hult, how COVID-19 impacted his studies, and how Hult’s values matched his own, ultimately making it the perfect place for him to study.

In short

Sean McQuaid - Hult International Business School

A beautiful clash of cultures at Hult International Business School

Raised in London by an Irish father and a Turkish mother, you could say that Sean McQuaid was born with an international mindset. With family all over the world, his travels have taken him to the Netherlands, Turkey, the United States, Morocco, Ireland, and many more places. 

He’s now back in his native UK, studying for a Master’s in International Business at Hult International Business School. However, that hasn’t limited his opportunities to experience different cultures. Hult has an extremely diverse student population, which has enriched Sean’s experience and aided his personal development. 

“The whole aspect of studying not just with British people but every country and culture, I like. [It] really helps me increase my emotional intelligence,” he tells MASTERGRADSCHOOLS. “Everyone working in the same group really collaborates and creates good ideas. You start to understand perspectives of different cultures that you never dreamed of understanding.” (02:36)

Getting to the heart of Hult

The international nature of Hult goes beyond its student population. With six campuses around the world, students have the opportunity to study parts of their degree in different Hult locations. This international outlook is embedded within the Hult experience.

“Hult has six campuses around the world and it gives us the option to rotate to different campuses and experience these different cultures,” Sean explains. “It’s one of the main reasons why I chose Hult, because it’s given me the opportunity that other business schools wouldn’t be able to give.” (03:50)

Every person has their perfect school out there waiting for them, and it seems Sean has found his. Since joining Hult, he has thrown himself into various school activities, joining several societies and representing the school as a brand ambassador at open days. It’s allowed him to look beyond Hult as simply a vehicle to secure his degree; he’s been able to get to the heart of Hult and figure out what makes it so special.

Sean says, “I believe because I’ve been to these open days, it’s helped me understand better what Hult is focused on as well as Hult’s core principles. It’s helped me understand [that] Hult is more than just a piece of paper or a few words on a script. It’s got so many different foundations and principles that it revolves around.” (07:59)

Studying in the time of COVID 

Given the international mindset of Hult and its global presence, it could be argued that COVID-19 has impacted the school more than most. With no open days, no international travel, and no in-person classes, you might think someone like Sean would be negatively affected. This is not the case. He decided to embrace the challenges brought about by the coronavirus.

“We’ve adapted to so much technology revolving around the digital aspect of learning. We’ve had to adjust to Zoom, we’ve had to adapt to doing exams online,” he says. “Going through Proctor [has been] a very unique experience and one that I’ve never gone through before but it’s helped me grow as a person because in real life isn’t always going to give the way you want it to give.” (12:26)

Find a school that embodies your values

“Definitely give Hult a chance,” Sean concludes. “It might not be your path, it might be your path – you never know until you try it. What I would recommend is [to] be open-minded.” (15:31)

Sean’s openness and internationalism make him the perfect embodiment of his school. When it comes to choosing your school, there can’t be many more important things than finding somewhere which represents your values. Keep that in mind and the rest will surely fall into place.

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