No specialization? No problem. Discover the benefits of a general business master’s

It’s easy to feel the need to pinpoint a specialization that works for you, but as EAE Business School student Diego Loggiodice explains, keeping your options open can lead to many more opportunities. He spoke to MASTERGRADSCHOOLS about his motivations for choosing a general business master’s at EAE, the excellent career services on offer, and his success as a result of taking a broader approach in his studies.

In short

The value of a broad study approach in a general business master’s

The Master’s in International Business at EAE Business School is available in both Madrid and Barcelona. It covers all areas of business and aims to instill reliable policies and strategies for any international opportunity. For students who are undecided on what they want to specialize in, a general business master’s might be the solution. It offers a wider-reaching understanding that can later be applied to more focused projects.

As Diego himself didn’t have a certain career path, this all-encompassing approach was ideal. “Adding this wider range of subjects to your toolset and having a clear understanding of the subjects can only help in the case that you want a career change or if you want to further develop into one of these subjects,” he explains. (08:06)

He particularly enjoyed studying project management during his course, but decided to focus elsewhere for his thesis. Diego says, “My thesis was essentially focusing on microfinance as a means of promoting socio-economic integration of refugees in Germany.” (09:19) This is a perfect example of the flexibility of a general business master’s.

The #1 reason Diego chose EAE Business School

After completing a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering in the USA, Diego didn’t have a clear plan for his next step. He looked for jobs and postgraduate study options, then came across EAE Business School and contacted one of their representatives. 

One of Diego’s priorities was choosing a degree that would open up the right professional setting after his studies. “A huge plus for me was this focus on finding the right opportunity after EAE,” he says. (03:04) The Master’s in International Business seemed to strike the balance between earning a degree that would open doors, without restricting his options to a specific area of specialization. 

However, what really tipped the balance was the support offered in finding work through his master’s. “[There was an] assurance that there would be guidance for my next professional step,” Diego says. (03:12) As someone who wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted to do after his studies, the career guidance offered at EAE would go on to play a key role in his decision.

Drawing on your classmates’ experience

Doing a general business master’s also means you’re among people from different walks of life. Diego could learn from the perspectives of his classmates who came from a range of educational and professional backgrounds. He told MASTERGRADSCHOOLS about a specific group project. “My group was composed of one lawyer, someone that came from a more business administration background, and then me, an industrial engineer.” (09:39)

This diverse classroom experience prepares everybody for professional projects where graduates need to collaborate with a range of providers.

Putting your studies into practice: An internship with IBM

Internships are a key part of almost all business degrees. Although Diego didn’t have anything specific in mind, the career guidance at EAE helped him score a great opportunity. 

“I was lucky to have a very good contact with my Career Advisor, who had a contact already at IBM, so it all matched at the right time for me as I was finishing my master’s,” he tells us. (13:24)

Diego’s internship at IBM started off on a six-month contract but was eventually extended to nine months. He worked within the accounts receivable department, a far cry from his background in industrial engineering. During this time, he expanded his knowledge of the inner workings of businesses, collaborating with other departments throughout his internship. 

As is the case with many internship opportunities, Diego was subsequently offered a permanent position with the tech giant. But that’s not where the story ends. His job hunt, combined with the knowledge he’d learned through his general business masters, paid off with another position. “I had that opportunity (at IBM). I explored it, and then another opportunity came up for me immediately after that for a permanent position elsewhere,” he reveals. (15:19)

Embarking on a career in business

Diego eventually chose the second role. He explains, “There are things that would have been very hard to come by if I had not had the right connections or the right guidance.” (16:00) The CV and cover letter he submitted for his job were both born out of career workshops at EAE. Furthermore, the case study he presented for his interview was based on the mentality he acquired throughout his degree.

His general business master’s continues to prove its value. Diego is now able to “come to conclusions in a project that are valuable to everyone involved.” (19:12) In a job market that draws on so many different talents – from graphic designers and programmers to clients and senior management – being able to communicate your ideas using language that everybody can understand is an essential skill.

As evidenced by his success since graduation, Diego’s initial premise was right. You really don’t have to go into a master’s with a fixed idea of what you want to do in the future. Instead, by choosing a degree like the Master’s in International Business at EAE, you can be an attractive candidate for a wide range of roles and keep your options open.

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