Tu’s experience moving to Moscow to study at HSE University

The National Research University Higher School of Economics, also known as HSE University, is widely regarded as one of the best universities in Russia. It’s well known for its status as a national research university, academic excellence, and high standards.

Tu Phan had lived and studied abroad before, but she found the experience of moving to Moscow challenging. “To be honest, it’s not my first time living abroad, but moving to Moscow and especially studying at HSE was not easy for me,” she admits. (00:12)

Tu initially found it difficult to adapt to her new life in Russia because she had to get used to a new city, but she also had to keep up with her new academic life. She explains, “HSE University is one of the best universities in Russia, and it has high expectations and requirements.” (00:36)

Overall, Tu simply needed a bit of time to get into the swing of things with her master’s program. Looking back, she feels that the experience was worth it because it forced her to step out of her comfort zone.

The most prestigious university in Russia

HSE University is without a doubt one of the most prestigious universities in Russia. Since its foundation in 1992, it has quickly solidified its fantastic reputation both in Russia and around the world.

Here are just a few statistics that speak for themselves:

  • Its Master of International Business and Financial Economics programs are top-ranked in Russia.
  • 57th in the 2021 Young University Rankings (institutions under 50 years old).
  • 301-350th in the 2022 World University Rankings.

What to expect as a master’s student at HSE University

When attending a top school like HSE University, students can expect to learn from excellent staff and industry experts. Tu appreciates that she and her classmates were “not only taught by leading professors, but also we have different seminars from the experts in our field of study in Russia as well.” (01:23)

Tu had the opportunity to learn from professionals working for Big Four Accounting Firms and international companies like Linking Consulting.

Master in Strategic Corporate Finance students are also given a lot of flexibility in terms of career paths. “The students have the flexibility to choose their career paths, either as researchers [or] pursuing academic careers. You can also choose your job in corporations, for example in different consulting firms or investment banks,” Tu describes. (01:57)

Overall, students can expect a learning environment that nurtures and promotes academic and professional excellence when studying at HSE University.