The INSEAD MIM: 3 Top Application Tips

Whether you’re thinking of applying yourself or just intrigued at what admissions teams are on the lookout for, here are INSEAD’s top 3 application tips for their new MIM program.

In short

INSEAD’s Master in Management-MIM

In September 2020 students from more than 20 different countries arrived at the prestigious INSEAD business school with the distinct honor of being the first ever Master in Management (MIM) cohort. The program was first announced in May 2019 with the promise that the MIM ‘will make the INSEAD educational offering complete’.

How? Well, although the school currently offers an MBA, Executive MBA and other business degrees targeted at experienced professionals, the MIM is the first instance of a post-graduate, pre-experience program at INSEAD. The average age of the inaugural class is 22 and the candidates have an average 0-2 years of work experience, compared to an average age of 29 and average work experience of 5.6 years in the current MBA class.

1. Academic Performance

In order to be accepted onto the INSEAD MIM you’re going to have to take either the GMAT or GRE, the two internationally-recognized tests that form part of MBA and MIM applications. Although INSEAD does not have a minimum score in either test, the admissions team do like to see a score above 65% in the Verbal and Quantitative sections and above five for the Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT. In the GRE, you are expected to score above 80% in the Verbal and Quantitative sections.

Along with your GMAT/GRE score, you will need to hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college/university or proof that you have completed 180 ECTS in any field of studies. If English isn’t your first language, and your university degree was not taught exclusively in English, you will also need to take an English language test to prove your proficiency level.

2. Ability to Contribute

An oft-overlooked part of the admissions process for MIMs and MBAs is recognition of your ability to contribute to class discussions and to the program as a whole. Whilst putting together a diverse, international and multicultural class of students is often a priority for admissions teams, that means nothing if the individuals do not contribute to the program.

Whilst the written questions and video interviews give you the opportunity to show you can contribute, you can also display your willingness to go above and beyond through evidence of extracurricular activities, volunteering or internships. They can all indicate you are a motivated, energetic and well-rounded individual – three key ingredients for any successful INSEAD MIM applicant.

3. International Outlook

Whether you studied your bachelor’s degree abroad, mastered a foreign language or have travelled extensively, the INSEAD MIM admissions team value candidates with an international outlook on life. They want to see that you have the adaptability to thrive in multicultural environments, which is a key skill of any global business leader and especially important in the 21st century.

Besides a strong command of English, INSEAD also expects you to demonstrate working knowledge of a second language as soon as possible and basic knowledge of a third before you graduate. Your aspirations of an international career in business start right here at INSEAD.

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