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Brought to you by the same team behind MASTERTUBE, MASTERGRADSCHOOLS is a platform dedicated to helping you find your dream master’s degree. We’ve combined an easy-to-use interface with stacks of information about the best study destinations, universities and grad schools to make it as simple as possible to find the master’s that’s right for you.

Our international team and dedicated Board of Advisors have a wealth of experience in the Higher Education sector and beyond, so we’re uniquely placed to help schools find their next intake and for students to find their dream school. With our fingers on the pulse of the sector we’re continually making changes to our family of websites to make it as easy as possible for these connections to be made. Ultimately we want to ensure that students make the correct decision the first time around, because we know how important that decision is.

In the Articles section of the website we will be regularly uploading the latest insights and analysis of all things master’s, whilst Class Of is a unique opportunity to get in touch with current master’s students at various universities around the globe. Whether you want to ask about the course, the university or the city in which they’re studying, our student ambassadors are only a click away. It’s never too late to take the plunge and do a master’s, so start exploring MASTERGRADSCHOOLS today to become a master in your field tomorrow.

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Ask a student

Do you have a question for one of  our ambassadors? Click here

Ask a student

Do you have a question for one of
our ambassadors? Click here