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Asmaa Taki grew up in Casablanca, Morocco, and moved to France after high school in order to study business. After getting her first degree, she was accepted into the MIM Global Economic Transformation & Technology (GETT) program at the EDHEC Business School in Lille. She now works as a Search Engine Specialist for Algolia. Her GETT experience took her all around the world: Korea, Morocco, France, and the United States. She describes how entrepreneurship runs in her family and goes into detail about her personal experience with the GETT program.

In short

Entrepreneurship runs in Asmaa’s blood

Asmaa’s interest in the business world should come as no surprise because it runs in her family. 

Asmaa’s father is an entrepreneur himself. After working at Siemens for several years, “he decided to launch his own company in Morocco in engine automation in 1994.” (00:13)

Ten years ago, Asmaa’s mother also got involved in her father’s company. More recently, she began working on her own business project. Asmaa explains that her mother “started from scratch, [studied] fashion design, and launched her brand in Morocco” (00:24) just two years ago. 

All in all, Asmaa can confidently say that she “had this commercial and business fiber even when [she] was younger.” (00:34)

EDHEC’s specialized MIM GETT program

EDHEC Business School’s MIM Global Economic Transformation & Technology (GETT) program is innovative and truly one of a kind. It’s designed to bring business and technology together in order to produce the kind of dynamic leader that the modern world needs.

The GETT program takes place across various EDHEC partner universities campuses around the world in order to foster a truly international learning experience. GETT students put what they learn into action in many different environments by engaging with students and innovative companies in Seoul, Paris, and Berkeley.

The GETT program is a two-year academic program and is taught in English. Most students have either business management or engineering backgrounds and are an average age of 22.

Many GETT program graduates go on to work in the following sectors:

  • Audit and consulting (24%)
  • IT and high tech (21%)
  • Banking and finance (18%)
  • Ecommerce and retail (11%)
  • Media, publishing, and audiovisual (7%)

Asmaa’s experience in the EDHEC GETT program

Asmaa started the GETT program in France, which makes sense because she’d always had a connection to the country. She grew up in Morocco and went to a French high school growing up.

After that, Asmaa moved all the way to Seoul, South Korea, to study at the Sungkyunkwan University. She was able to take what she had learned in France and apply it to the Asian market. 

Once she had finished her classes in Seoul, Asmaa took a professional gap year, which is an option within the GETT program. She spent “six months in Morocco in finance to deal with companies and see how [business] works in Morocco.” (02:02) After returning to France, Asmaa worked for a big French company called CAC 40 for another six months.

The final step in Asmaa’s GETT program experience was at the Haas School of Business, , UC Berkeley, in California. Here, “[she] was close to [big] companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Slack, Pinterest,” and many more. (02:40)

Overall, Asmaa was able to expand, enrich, and apply her knowledge all around the world thanks to the GETT program. It’s certainly helped her take the first steps in becoming a dynamic business leader.

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