What makes Stockholm School of Economics the best Master of Finance in Sweden? 5 key differentiators

Ranking systems for business schools are great at giving you an idea of how attractive an institution is likely to be. However, when you’re choosing where you want to study, it’s the details and examples that are most useful. We heard from faculty and students what exactly makes Stockholm School of Economics’ program the best Master of Finance in Sweden.

In short

How do we know Stockholm School of Economics offers the best Master of Finance in Sweden?

In the Financial Times World’s Best Masters Programs 2021, Stockholm School of Economics (SSE)’s MSc in Finance ranked #22. It is head and shoulders above not only others in Sweden, but the whole of the Nordic and Baltic regions. 

This article will go on to explain exactly why the FT (along with countless alumni and recruiters) rate SSE and its degrees so highly. 

Here’s a summary of what the SSE MSc in Finance offers:

  • A learning path you choose yourself.
  • An education that is relevant and instantly applicable.
  • A highly driven, multicultural environment.
  • A dedicated professional coach throughout your journey.
  • Both quality and quantity in your career prospects.

A flexible learning style

At the Stockholm School of Economics, you’re not going to get a one-size-fits-all degree. The top-ranked school gives students the freedom to find their own path. As Bo Becker, Gösta Olsson Professor of Finance and Program Director of the MSc in Finance, says, “We also need the students to be able to choose the things that they find engaging and meaningful.” (00:33)

One of the major benefits of this style of learning is that students can choose to specialize in almost anything related to finance, all while getting a practical foundation that applies across the board. 

Allowing students to choose their own passion projects means SSE produces inspired graduates who specialize in innovative areas. This further helps to set the course apart as the best Master of Finance in Sweden. 

Relevant, applicable education

By giving students a great amount of choice in what they want to study, the course stays fresh and interesting. Rather than relying on textbook-based theory, SSE promotes a dynamic classroom that keeps a keen eye on the outside world. 

As student Eid Jazairi commented, “We do a lot of cases on what’s been happening in the past few years.” (01:06) The result is that, upon graduating, you leave with a great knowledge of trends that are making waves right now and in the near future. 

Part of how SSE stays so relevant is its close relationship with active businesses. Bo Becker affirms, “We are very tightly connected to the Northern European finance industry.” (00:55) The institution collaborates with leading businesses for events, career fairs, and internships for students. 

Mix with brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds

Due to its stellar reputation, SSE attracts some of the best talent from Sweden and far beyond. The 2021 cohort was made up of 123 students, 71 of which are Swedish. The remaining 52 students  are from countries as far-flung as Switzerland, China, Ukraine, USA, and Nigeria. As a result, you can learn a great deal from your peers – not just the professors. 

It’s not just the nationalities that vary. Students come from a wide range of different professional pathways which, when combined together in the classroom, create a backdrop of vastly different perspectives and unique understandings of cases. Speaking of the cohort, Eid Jazairi says, “It’s super fun to be in a community where there’s a lot of very intelligent individuals that are very engaged. There’s a lot to learn not just from your teachers, but also your fellow peers.” (01:37)

A dedicated service for professional development

Most business schools offer some form of career services. However, in the best Master of Finance in Sweden, you get a dedicated coach who offers services way beyond interview practice and resume preparation.

Career Coach Mia Öhrn describes the role of her department: “We use methods from real business life and we give them tools that they can use both during their studies here, but also in their professional life once they leave school.” (02:06)

The ongoing nature of SSE’s service helps students gain a good understanding of their options early in their degree, rather than making a hurried decision toward the end of their course. 

Excellent career prospects: The world is your oyster!

As the best Master of Finance in Sweden, the career opportunities for alumni are a cut above the rest. The broad possibilities of the degree open up a wide variety of pathways. Bo Becker gave us a brief rundown: “Many students work in consulting. Many students work in non-financial corporations and a fair number nowadays work in startups, especially in FinTech, but also in other startups.” (02:28)

In terms of location, the MSc in Finance at Stockholm School of Economics doesn’t just set you up to work in Sweden. With an international focus in the curriculum and work experience, graduates can turn their skills to markets all over the world. Bo Becker explains, “A lot of our students work in the financial sector in Stockholm, in London, in Frankfurt, in Shanghai, and so on.” (02:21)

With such powerful, wide-reaching benefits, it’s easy to see why SSE offers the best Master of Finance in Sweden.

However, we’ll leave the last word to German student Valentin Brase, who says, “First of all, you have a very supportive environment. You have the tools you’re going to need in [a] finance-oriented career, and you also have a big variety of nationalities and a beautiful city like Stockholm. Honestly, I can’t ask for more right now.” (03:31)

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