A look at the new €52m IESE campus in Madrid

In September 2021, IESE Business School’s new €52m Madrid campus officially opened. Let’s take a look at the key facts and figures behind the expansion of Spain’s top business school.

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The new IESE Madrid campus: Key facts and figures

Let’s take a look at the key facts and figures behind IESE Business School’s new Madrid campus:

  • Cost: €52 million
  • 300% increase in space – from 11,700 m2 to 33,600m2
  • 4 new amphitheaters
  • 1 new 500-capacity auditorium
  • 300 new parking spaces
  • Expanded Venture Hub


The IESE Madrid campus is located in the northwest of the city in Casa de Campo park. It is 25 minutes away by car from both Madrid city center and Madrid-Barajas airport.

What does the new IESE campus mean for Madrid?

This significant investment into Spain’s top business school is not just good news for IESE; it’s also good news for the city of Madrid.

“This new campus will help organizations and individuals in the Madrid area to foster entrepreneurship and to be more innovative,” says Franz Heukamp, the Dean at IESE. “It’s an important expansion for IESE in Madrid and our activity in the city will grow by more than 50%. This is key because Madrid has grown a lot in the past decade. It’s now an international point of reference and an important place for businesses.” (00:12)

A key part of this renewed commitment to Madrid is IESE’s expanded Venture Hub. It aims to bring together the city’s entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors under one roof. In the Venture Hub, students can get one-on-one mentoring sessions, access investor networks, and attend training sessions on a wide range of topics related to entrepreneurship.

A sustainable campus, a sustainable future

Sustainability lies at the heart of IESE’s new Madrid campus. It uses 100% renewable energy, consumes 40% less water than a traditional building, and features smart air conditioning control. These features helped the project to obtain LEED Gold certification, which is used to rate the sustainability of buildings.

However, IESE’s commitment to sustainability does not end with its new campus. It has been accompanied by a raft of new certificates and programs dedicated to sustainability, including new electives in the school’s Master in Management program. Franz says it is a topic that’s also relevant to corporate decision-making.

“The challenge of sustainable management is to understand that you need to think about tomorrow when you act today,” he says. “The ability to maintain two different time decisions in your corporate decision process is not easy. It requires reflection, exchange with peers, a lot of hard work, and studying to be able to do this in the right way.” (02:36)

Why IESE is one of the best business schools in Spain

This new €52m campus cements IESE’s position as one of the leading business schools not just in Spain. It was ranked #4 in the world by the Financial Times in its 2021 MBA ranking.

Part of the reason for IESE’s excellence is its focus on producing ethical leaders that make decisions not just based on short-term business gains but on a long-term vision for the wider business ecosystem. It’s why graduate Elena de Benavides Jiménez describes the school as a “virtual reality simulator” for business.

“IESE helps you to understand the impact that your decision has not only on your business but on the whole economy and the people you manage,” she says. (01:48)

Marta Elvira, Professor of Strategic Management at IESE, adds, “The leaders that we train at IESE are conscious of the impact that their decisions have on people, as well as the organizational context.” (01:13)

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