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Why a continuous learning mindset is the key to a successful career

Learning is a lifelong process that doesn’t end in the classroom. Here’s how Ruben Madelaine’s continuous learning mindset has been the key to a successful career.

In short

What is a continuous learning mindset?

A continuous learning mindset is a desire to learn new things – but it’s more than that. People that are lifelong learners actively seek out new learning opportunities throughout their personal and professional lives.

Learning could be informal by taking the time to understand new cultures, study new languages, or simply read up on topics that interest you. Or it could come in the form of training programs, workshops, or formal qualifications.

Continuous learning, then, is about identifying and taking opportunities to learn at every turn. And as we’ll discover, those opportunities can come when you least expect them.

From Martinique to Mexico: Ruben’s learning journey

For many people, a gap year abroad is a chance to do many different things: save money, relax, have fun, and maybe even travel the world. While it was all of those things for Ruben, it was also something else: a chance to learn. It’s the typical attitude for someone with a continuous learning mindset.

Ruben had studied economics and science in his native Martinique before moving to France to study a bachelor’s degree in economics and management. After completing his bachelor’s, Ruben decided to spend a year in Mexico.

According to Ruben, his time in Mexico taught him about “a new culture, a new way of living, and new people.” But he also used his time in Mexico to gain valuable work experience, applying the skills from his undergraduate years. (00:57)

“I went to Mexico and worked there in a real estate agency,” he tells MASTERGRADSCHOOLS. He helped automate the process that updated the reports and helped the management make strategic decisions. (00:54)

Ruben returned from Mexico refreshed, energized, and ready to take the next step in his career. That step would lead him back to France and into the workforce, but it wasn’t long before Ruben’s desire to learn new things would surface once again.

Finding ways to study alongside your career

In France, Ruben worked for several different companies, gaining valuable business experience along the way. Although Ruben wanted to keep learning, he didn’t want to step aside from his career. Instead, he started looking for ways to bolster his skill set. (01:15)

Ruben soon realized that an online master’s was the perfect way of continuing his learning without stepping away from the workforce. When he started his search for a master’s, he first looked at the usual factors influencing a search for a master’s: ranking, quality of teaching, and diversity. But more important to Ruben was a program that allowed him to apply his new skills in his day-to-day role. That search would eventually lead him to EDHEC Business School.

“I looked online and searched for one of the best, if not the best, online master’s, and I found the EDHEC corporate finance master’s,” he says. An 18-month program, the EDHEC MSc Corporate Finance can be studied flexibly, with one live class a week alongside modules that can be studied at your own pace. (01:30)

“This program is perfect because it offers a lot of flexibility,” says Ruben. “We can learn when we have time and decide the different schedules or to work and process the assignments. We also have classes that are fixed dates, but if we cannot attend them, we can always review them later and keep up with the classes.” (02:30)

Online education may not be for everyone, and there are certain aspects of a traditional class that will always be difficult to replicate online. But for Ruben and his continuous learning mindset, it was the perfect way to continue his career growth without leaving his job.

How a continuous learning mindset can help your career

Ruben’s decision to pursue a master’s was simply an extension of his lifelong learning path. He has identified opportunities to learn at almost every junction of his career, which has helped him expand his skill set and ultimately move forward in his career. So how can you start developing the same mindset?

First, embrace curiosity and be eager to learn new things. Try jotting down areas where you lack knowledge or could improve. Then ask questions, read books, and engage in meaningful discussions with experts. 

Next, set learning goals that are specific and measurable to help you focus. Your employer may agree to send you to a conference or organize a company training day. You might consider studying a master’s or alternative online courses that will give you the knowledge you want. It’s all about opening yourself up to new learning opportunities – wherever they may come from. Ultimately, it can only be beneficial for your career.

Finally, pay attention and stay up-to-date with the latest developments. By developing a continuous learning mindset, you will always look for new ways to add to your skills. And that constant desire to improve yourself is the key to a successful career.

If you’d like to learn more about studying a master’s, feel free to reach out to one of our master’s ambassadors.

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