5 benefits of studying the Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Henley Business School

Whether you want to launch your own startup or take on an innovation role within an organization, this Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation will give you the skills you need to take the next step in your career.

In short

1. It combines theory and practice

When it comes to studying for a masters, it’s important to understand the subject’s theoretical aspects in the classroom. But, it’s every bit as important to learn how to apply that knowledge in real-life scenarios.

That’s why the Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Henley Business School is such a highly-regarded program. According to Jonas, a recent Henley graduate, when it comes to theory and practice, nobody does it better than Henley.

“Henley was really the only one combining the theoretical frameworks with the practical part of meeting entrepreneurs,” he says. “And they did a really good job at combining those two [things].” (00:07)

2. You’ll develop your soft skills

Just like the balance between theory and practice, the balance between hard and soft skills is another key element of any masters program. In the case of this masters, you can expect to learn about the different elements of innovation and entrepreneurship. But you’ll also learn so-called “soft skills” – those which will help you to communicate your ideas better, for example.

“The Program Director was also my mentor, which has been invaluable during the project and also afterwards, they helped me to understand how to be more open-minded and also more consultative. I’m much more aware of how to build relationships now and I’m much better at communicating and engaging with others,” Jonas explains. (00:22)

3. You’ll practice your entrepreneurial skills

The masters at Henley Business School also offers students a range of opportunities to develop their skills outside of the classroom. One example of this is the school’s business idea competition. This gives students the chance to compete against each other to see who can generate and develop the best business idea.

This is the first opportunity students have to put their theoretical, classroom-based knowledge to the test. They have to learn not only how to generate an innovative new idea, but how to pitch it to a board of would-be investors.

“What I’m most proud of was really actually the opportunity to take part in the business idea competition with my team, winning two prizes in it, and on the other side being named the entrepreneurship student of the year obviously was a great experience and also a big surprise,” Jonas says. (00:58)

4. You’ll get the chance to take part in an international consulting trip

The business idea competition is only partly practical; you’re not actually pitching your idea to investors, and ultimately it is more about practicing the skills you’ve developed in the classroom in a controlled environment.

However, Henley’s international consulting trip takes things to the next level. It gives you the chance to apply your knowledge to a real-life business. In 2019, the school’s masters students traveled to Poland to take on a consulting project for a startup in the country. The decisions they made had a genuine impact on a real company.

It’s the kind of practical work experience that you simply can’t put a price on.

5. It opens up new career opportunities

The Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship teaches you the fundamentals of innovation, gives you practical experience, and develops your soft skills. But these count for nothing without being able to access fresh career opportunities after you graduate. At Henley, giving you those career opportunities is a key outcome of the program.

“Henley empowered me and developed my entrepreneurial capabilities, which has really opened up new opportunities,” explains Jonas. “During my studies, I was approached by two different companies, one of them happened to be Adobe. I’m now working in London for Adobe and I’m part of the customer success team there. It just feels like a big step up where I came from.” (01:18)

Jonas concludes, “My time at Henley and when I’m looking back at it, it was just a really fun and exciting time for me, just a great environment to be in and it really pushes you to the next level.” (01:38)

If you want to learn more about studying for a masters, feel free to reach out to one of our masters ambassadors.

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