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7 questions & answers about the Nyenrode MSc in Management

Want to find out about the Nyenrode MSc in Management (MiM) from those who know it best? Program Advisor Amber Overbosch and 2019 graduate Domenique Stassen give us some facts and opinions on the Full-time Master of Science in Management at Nyenrode.

In short

1. When and where is the Nyenrode MSc in Management?

Starting with the basics, Amber gives us an outline of the MSc in Management at Nyenrode Business University: “The full-time management program is in total 16 months long and we offer it in two locations: Amsterdam and Breukelen.” (00:13)

Amsterdam offers students all the benefits that come with a major European capital. It is a cosmopolitan campus, surrounded by multinationals such as ING, Unilever, and Philips, as well as blossoming startups. 

By contrast, the Breukelen campus is set on a historical estate near a 13th-century castle. In a much calmer setting, students can focus fully on their studies but still enjoy student life through the sports facilities, and student restaurants and bars.

2. How does Nyenrode differ from other universities?

According to Domenique, although the academic side of the course is strong, what really makes it unique is something more personal. “For me, what really stood out about Nyenrode, and the MSc program in general, is the emphasis on personal development,” she shares. “It’s something that I think is super important in a program and it also makes the academic part way more relevant to your life, not just now but in the future.” (00:30)

Nyenrode’s Personal Development efforts aim to help students lay the groundwork for their future career goals. Rather than dealing with standard management topics such as accounting, it looks more at personal career management, personal branding, and contact with businesses in the outside world. 

3. How does Nyenrode support students in their career development?

Nyenrode places a heavy focus on its students’ career progression. Amber describes, “We have a very strong business network that we’ve built up over the past years. And of course, students can use that in combination with our career and personal development office to really kick start their career in the Netherlands or in Europe.” (00:50)

The Career and Personal Development Department provides services such as: 

  • Career and personal development workshops 
  • Resume and cover letter advice
  • Career coaching
  • Mock interviews

To complement these services, networking events put students in touch with business leaders from multinationals such as PwC and startups like Growth Tribe. Aside from the lessons learned through talks, students can learn through Q&A sessions which are a strong source of inspiration. 

4. Is the Pre-Master course mandatory for studying the Nyenrode MSc in Management?

As a general rule, students applying for MiM must take a preparatory Pre-Master program. The only exceptions are students who have already attained a Bachelor or Master in Business Administration from a research university.

The content of the Pre-Master makes it clear why the exceptions are made. Over a four-month period, students cover the following seven courses:

  1. Academic Reading & Writing
  2. Business Research
  3. Business Statistics
  4. Marketing & Strategy
  5. Organizational Behavior
  6. Managerial Economics
  7. Foundations of Finance

As a student who took the course, Domenique says, “For me, the pre-master was a great precursor to the master. It really prepares you and sets you up with the knowledge that you need to succeed in the Master in Management.” (01:09

With all students having already prepared with the Pre-Master program, the Master in Management spends less time looking at the foundational aspects of management, and dives straight into the more complex concepts that make Nyenrode graduates stand out. 

5. Can you choose which courses to follow during the master's?

The MiM begins with all students following the same courses that prepare them for modern business, including:

  • Management Science
  • Business Strategy and Alignment
  • Digitization, Business & Society
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Managerial Finance

Domenique adds, “You’ll also get to choose your specialization. You’ll be able to choose between Global Strategy, Financial Management, and Digital Business and Society.” (01:33)

6. What scholarships are available for the program?

There are three types of master’s scholarships available for the Nyenrode MSc in Management, each with their own requirements. The scholarships vary in the amount offered, but none exceed 50% of the program’s tuition fees. 

Orange Tulip Scholarship

The Orange Tulip Scholarship is available to students whose nationality is Indonesian, Russian, South Korean, or South African. 

Alumni Scholarship

The Alumni Scholarship, also known as the Revolving Scholarship, is funded by Nyenrode alumni.

MSc Scholarship

There are ten MSc Scholarships on offer and they are open to anybody who needs financial aid during their studies.

Whatever scholarship you wish to apply for, you will need to submit a financial plan and a special motivation letter. Nyenrode provides further instructions on applying for scholarships on their website.

7. Do applicants have to submit an admissions test?

If applicants already have a GMAT or a GRE score, they can submit that with their application.

However, Nyenrode has their own admissions test, the LTP. Amber explains, “The Nyenrode LTP is more like a professional assessment, so a combination of IQ and a personality questionnaire.” (02:27)

The test also looks at candidates’ analytical and numerical logic – two key skills throughout the Nyenrode MSc in Management. As a result, the admissions team prefers their own test as it better reflects the course.

As someone who has previously taken the test, Domenique says, “I suggest that you just look up some online and just keep practicing to help you out and to make sure that you know what the format is of the exam.” (02:43)

If you’d like to get in touch with Nyenrode students directly, head to the MASTERGRADSCHOOLS Ambassador’s Page, where you can reach out with any questions not covered here. 

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