The Nyenrode Business Game: An engaging take on admissions

Looking for a hands-on way to get to know Nyenrode - and be in with a chance of winning a scholarship? Introducing Nyenrode’s Business Game: an annual event in partnership with a major business that gives prospective students first-hand experience of Nyenrode Business University.

In short

What is the Nyenrode Business Game all about?

The Business Game is an optional part of the Nyenrode admissions process that gives prospective students the chance to experience what they’ll learn in the Master in Management program. It offers an insight into the way Nyenrode approaches education and a chance for participants to mix with future students and staff. 

In terms of the activity itself, Dianne Bos, Talent Recruiter at Nyenrode, shares, “During this two-day event they are going to work on a case from an interesting company. This time, it’s Baume & Mercier.” (00:16

Having a special guest from the business world adds industry knowledge and analysis to the event. Participants can also begin building the network that they will continue to expand throughout their studies.

How the experience prepares participants for Nyenrode

Held on the Nyenrode Business University campus between Amsterdam and Utrecht, the Business Game attracts potential students from all over. Reflecting typical cohorts on the Master in Management, it gives a flavor of the kind of classmates that applicants will mix with at Nyenrode. Describing her group, one participant said, “We all came from different backgrounds, different ages, different nationalities.” (00:57)

But, it’s not just about who you meet; it’s about what you do. Nyenrode’s Business Game is a great example of how the school promotes hands-on, practical, and engaging education. The same participant described the experience as, “Really, really fun. It really gave me an experience to know what I can expect next year when I go to Nyenrode.” (01:37)

It is precisely because participants get a taste of the school’s identity that Nyenrode’s Business Game is so popular. For many applicants, it is even the ultimate deciding factor for considering Nyenrode. 

What prospective students can win

Facing a jury – this year made up of Nyenrode faculty and Baume & Mercier representatives – participants aren’t just playing for pride. 

Essentially a team effort, one group wins the Business Game and each member is offered an individual interview with the jury. It is through these interviews that the grand prizes are awarded. Dianne explains, “One of those students is going to win a free tuition scholarship. The runner-up will win the scholarship of €10,000, so a partial scholarship.” (00:38)

However, as the winner, Maxim Mommers, tells us, there was a special surprise in store for him: “On top of that, I also won a watch by Baume & Mercier.” (01:18) With full tuition fees and more to play for, there is a sense of jeopardy in the air that leads to passionate debates and impressive presentations.

Spicing up the learning experience

To say that participants are thrown in at the deep end is an understatement. There’s a tight deadline and a team of brand new faces to get acquainted with, so setting priorities and moving quickly is of crucial importance. 

One of the participants explains the speed of the event: “We immediately got split up into groups. The first goal was of course to get to know the group as fast as possible because we had a limited amount of time.” (00:50)

Set in an educational training ground, there is everything to gain and nothing to lose. This allows students to take risks without the fear of serious repercussions. “We can either go two ways. Either we can go for a safe way or we could go for a risky way, coming up with something special, something crazy,” Maxim says. “The outcome could either go two ways. Either they like it, or they don’t. Luckily for us, they liked it. So I think that’s the main reason why we won eventually.” (01:21)

Transferable skills covered in the Business Game

Among the most obvious takeaways from the Nyenrode Business Game are transferable skills, such as collaboration and public speaking. Not only do you get to practice your own abilities, but watching others work allows you to pick up tips and tricks that will help you in the future. 

However, the structure of the event also encourages you to think outside the box. Working on a case you’ve never seen before with people you don’t know, and aiming to hit a fast-approaching deadline, you are forced to discover new ways of doing things. 

This creative thinking process is a skill that you can’t improve by reading books and revising for exams. It is by getting out of your comfort zone and putting yourself under pressure that leads to the best breakthroughs. 

With so much to gain, the Business Game isn’t just a way of enhancing the Nyenrode Admissions process. You get to test your skills and see more of what the world of business education has to offer.

Eager to find out more? Reach out to past students who will be happy to share their experience at Nyenrode with you personally. 

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