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Choose a future-forward digital curriculum for your master’s

We spoke to Master's in Management (MIM) alumna Azra Habibija about her experience at ESMT Berlin. She told us why she chose ESMT, how ESMT helped her achieve her career goals, and why students shouldn't let the coronavirus pandemic stop them from following their dreams.

In short

Azra Habibija (Germany) - ESMT Berlin

A future-forward curriculum and great networking opportunities

“I really chose ESMT Berlin because of the international environment and the learning experience in the field of global and digital strategies,” Azra tells us. (01:26)

Indeed, Azra ended up learning a lot about “new digital business models and future working principles.” She gives an example of a “design thinking class, where we really applied design thinking principles…to create solutions that are close to the customer.” (01:54)

Besides its strong curriculum, Azra also chose to study at ESMT Berlin because of its vast networking opportunities, for example “with leading companies during breakfast sessions or town hall events and the yearly career fair.” (02:23)

“You really have the opportunity to exchange and connect with students and professors from various cultures and with different backgrounds, which is really key for being successful in international environments,” Azra says. (02:35)

The future is yours: Discovering your career path at ESMT Berlin

ESMT Berlin helped Azra build both personal and professional skills, but it also helped her determine her career path. “The Career Services [Center] gave me valuable advice and prepare me for my interviews,” she explains. “During a lot of workshops, I learned about my strengths and which career path I really want to follow. In general, I can say that the master’s really triggered me to think differently and explore what is possible nowadays.” (03:24)

Inspired through talking to different people – many of whom encouraged her not to stay in Berlin, but to look for jobs around the world – today, Azra is a Management Consultant – Digital Transformation at KPMG Switzerland, where she advises clients on “new technologies and processes that will be beneficial for the organization operating in a fast-paced environment.” (04:23)

“For me, it was really important to continue working in the field of digital and within an international space and to always learn new things from various projects and various industries,” she tells us. “Basically, my goal was to find an innovative and inspiring working place as I was used to from my master’s at ESMT.” (04:53)

The pandemic as an “enabler for change”

The coronavirus pandemic upended a lot of students’ experiences, but Azra believes that “the pandemic should not demotivate or discourage any one of us to really continue what we were doing or to really follow our passion.” (05:51)

“I see the pandemic more as an enabler for change and to really show that the remote experience and virtual collaboration is possible,” she continues. “I think that the…continuous exchange with my classmates and the professors [really helped] me to overcome most of the challenges and was also very inspiring and gives you new ideas and starting points [on] how to realize your potential. I think that ESMT offers you the platform to really try out those new things and get support from a broad network.” (06:05)

Looking back, Azra acknowledges how eye-opening her master’s experience turned out to be. “I would have never thought that I [would] do my internship abroad in Singapore, for example, and this idea was developed during my master’s studies when I was seeking advice from various people,” she recalls. Her experience living and working in Asia was a truly “life-changing experience” for her. (07:16)

These kinds of transformative growth experiences are “only possible when you really challenge yourself and challenge your current ideas and be open and flexible to new perspectives,” Azra says. (07:45

ESMT Berlin gave Azra the tools and environment to build lasting relationships, form new perspectives, learn new skills, and, ultimately, flourish.

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