How the Esade MSc in Business Analytics can help launch your career in Europe

By forging close links with local and international businesses, Esade Business School delivers bright job prospects for its graduates. Here’s how the school’s MSc in Business Analytics has helped to launch this graduate’s career in Europe.

In short

Why Esade?

Business master’s programs are gaining popularity. According to a recent GMAC survey, a Master’s in Business Analytics is the fourth-most popular program for business school applicants

When it comes to European programs, it is difficult to beat the MSc in Business Analytics at Esade Business School. It’s ranked #9 in the world by QS, while Esade itself is one of only a handful of Spanish schools to hold the coveted triple-crown accreditation. A recent graduate of the program, Ni Jin, spoke about her experiences in the program at Esade.

“More and more schools are offering this master’s to students and I think learning it at a top business school like Esade is really promising for me,” she says. “It has given me an idea of what business analytics is and what kind of directions we can go in to further develop our professional knowledge.” (00:22)

She adds, “Esade has really high rankings, so I think it’s good to study at a university that’s recognized worldwide. It’s in Barcelona, which is a city I really like. I also wanted to learn Spanish, and Esade offers Spanish lessons after classes.” (00:37)

The Smart Fabric Hackathon with Accenture

Esade has close links with the local business community. Its students have the chance to get hands-on work experience during their program. One example of this is the Smart Fabrics Hackathon, a competition in which 100 students create a new business idea using smart fabrics. Ni Jin and her team ended up winning a top prize at the event.

“My project was a cushion that you can put on the motorcycle rider, so the sensor can recognize if you are getting really tired or if you have negative emotions,” she explains. “It notifies you so you can quickly adjust or stop riding, in order to reduce the possibility of having an accident. We won the best business model prize.” (01:41)

The Smart Fabric Hackathon was run in partnership with the consulting firm Accenture, where Ni Jin went on to work. For her, landing a role at one of the Big Four accounting firms felt like a culmination of her journey.

“The past few weeks at Accenture have been amazing,” she says. “It was my first time working in a Spanish company and the culture is so different to where I’m from. It’s also my first time working in the consulting industry, so I feel like it’s a recognition of my business school studies, and it proved that I can be a businesswoman.” (02:12)

Post-graduation plans: Launching a career in Europe

It’s easy to see why data analytics programs are gaining in popularity. Esade has an employment rate of 94% for its graduates, with an average base salary of almost EUR€50,000. Its close links with both Spanish and global firms allow Esade to provide graduates with bright career prospects.

But, how has the Esade MSc in Business Analytics helped Ni Jin achieve her career goals? For Ni Jin, who comes from China, these links with Accenture have given her a foothold in Europe. They have also given her an opportunity to launch her career in the continent.

“I haven’t decided my future plan yet, but first I will do an internship in Luxembourg and then I think there’s the possibility of getting a full-time job in either Luxembourg or Accenture Spain,” she sums up. “I will find out in a few months, but I’m really optimistic about my career in Europe.” (02:40)

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