From Aeronautical Engineering to a Sales Position

We chatted with Aydan Kool, a current Master in Management (MIM) student at Nyenrode Business University to learn more about the ‘Nyenrode experience’. The MIM at Nyenrode ranked 68th in the global Top 100 Masters in Management (FT Rankings).

In short

Aydan Kool (Singapore) – Nyenrode Business University

Why did you decide to do a Master’s in Amsterdam?

I chose to come to the Netherlands from Singapore because my father is Dutch. Upon his recommendation, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering in Delft.

Whilst studying for my Bachelor’s, I learnt that I was most interested in the commercial side of engineering. I decided that I wanted my Master’s degree to be more business-focused which was when I began to look into studying at Nyenrode Business University.

Why did you choose to study at Nyenrode Business University?

You’re not just a number at Nyenrode; it’s a small university so that means you form bonds with your professors and thesis supervisors. Whenever you have an issue, you’re always welcome to talk to any programme director or professor – it’s a very involved community.

There’s also a very developed Career Development department which aids you in finding a job post-graduation. They provide workshops on interview tips and how to tailor your CV to the role you’re interested in. There’s a lot of support at Nyenrode on top of the actual academic degree.

What made you study Business after an Engineering degree?

When I was younger I wanted to be a pilot so I ended up studying Aeronautical Engineering. During my degree, I found myself gravitating towards the commercial side of things such as public speaking and presentations. My academic supervisors suggested that I go down the route of becoming a Sales Engineer or something more business-focused.

I think it’s incredibly beneficial that I can approach the industry at both ends because I have a solid base in Aeronautical Engineering. That coupled with my Master’s degree in Management, enables me to become the bridge between the two departments and offer a holistic point of view.

Any tips for future MIM students?

Embrace the culture at Nyenrode Business University, it’s so much more than just what you study. Get involved with extracurricular activities, for example, we have a lot of formal events which are great for networking. Put yourself out there and partake in all of the activities aside from just the classes.

Studying for a Master’s sets you on a journey of personal development. Nyenrode provides you with the tools but it’s down to you to take advantage of them as development can only come from yourself.

Taking initiative is something that is highly regarded at Nyenrode. I would encourage future Master in Management students to not shy away from taking the initiative to come up with your own ideas and discuss them with your classmates.

How did Nyenrode Business University respond to COVID-19?

We adapted to an online setting almost immediately; all of our lectures were streamed online. I found it to be very quick and efficient considering the circumstances.

Of course, it’s not ideal because the interaction is different when you’re working online compared to being in person. However, I do think Nyenrode handled it really well and they managed to adapt so quickly and without disruption to our studies.

How has the pandemic impacted the ‘Nyenrode experience’?

At least part of the curriculum will be online for the next year, however, as I mentioned before the classes are not the entire Nyenrode experience. The associations I mentioned are still working to organize events for the students to keep the ‘Nyenrode experience’ alive.

The personal development and career development at Nyenrode is truly invaluable whether it’s online or offline.

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