ESMT Berlin offers a home to those who never felt at home

Michela Andreolli always knew she would end up moving abroad. Born in Italy, she attended an international high school in Milan which opened her mind to what the world has to offer. During her final year of engineering studies, she did an internship with Amazon where the international environment made her desire to explore new territories even stronger. It was therefore a natural choice to look for Master programs abroad. She found her niche at ESMT in Berlin – a city she calls the “home for all of those people who never feel at home.”

In short

Why the MIM Program?

I decided to go for an MIM Program because I am still relatively young and do not have a lot of work experience. I still wanted to gain some academic experience before starting my career. I was deciding between a Masters in Entrepreneurship and a Masters in Management but I realized that the MIM will give me a chance to learn more diverse things. I have the opportunity to explore different environments and topics which is why I chose the MIM and so far, I think it has been the right choice for me.

You seem to love Berlin

When I had to decide where to go for my Masters, Germany and in particular Berlin caught my attentions since I am very interested in Entrepreneurship. In Berlin there are a lot of startups which would give me opportunities to learn about the startup environment. It is also a very international city where you are surrounded by people from all over the world. There is a place for everyone here and everyone can find their space. It is hard to describe the Berlin culture because there is a little bit of everything. You can really be yourself and find yourself in the city. Everyone is just being whoever they want to be.

What made you choose ESMT?

The thing that really made me decide to go to ESMT is the curriculum. It is a two-year program but you only have thirteen months of presence in class. We have a six-month internship in the first year and in the second year we have the chance to do a one-month social impact project. This gives us the chance to apply what we learnt in the classroom to a very different environment, so you have to really step out of your comfort zone. During the second year we also have three months to write our thesis and opt for another internship if we wish to. The highlight of this program is the fact that it is really practical – you have as much time in class as in a proper working environment.

What is the ESMT student body like?

We are a very diverse group, both in terms of nationalities and in terms of backgrounds. We have a lot of group projects to do and for the first six months the teams are made by the professors, so you get a chance to talk to and work with everyone. It is really nice and interesting. You get to work on a marketing project, for example, with someone who studied philosophy or psychology in Asia and I studied engineering in Europe. It brings different approaches to problems and so many different ways of working. It might sound like a standard answer, but I am learning so much from my colleagues in the classroom. We work together and it is so diverse, it is really beautiful.

What has been your best experience so far?

It was during my first course named Judgement and Decision Making. At the end of the course the professor gave us an exercise to do where we had to create a decision tree for a real-life situation. I did my best, of course, and by the end of the exercise the professor shared that the situation was one he had encountered in his own life. This showed me that what he was teaching me was not only a matter of academics or for exam purposes but could be used in real life. Not only for business decisions but also for life decisions. In engineering I had to always follow a mathematical and scientific approach but when I saw this exercise really had an impact in his life, I really felt that I am studying something that matters. Something that could change not only my career but the way I live my life.


Want to know more? Get in touch with Michaela Andreolli at her personal Master Ambbassadors page and write her a message. You can also have a look at the Germany country page here on MASTERGRADSCHOOLS. 

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