Why this student from Saint Kitts felt at home at the University of Tampa

Originally from Saint Kitts and Nevis, Aldeen Isaac completed a Master’s Degree in Accounting at the University of Tampa. She’s now working full-time at a CPA (certified public accountant) firm in Orlando, Florida. She tells us why the Florida sun, a bustling, perfectly located campus, a diverse, dynamic student body, and robust career planning support made her fall in love with the University of Tampa.

In short

A beautiful campus with great weather year-round

Having the opportunity to study in a beautiful environment can really add something special to any student’s experience. For Aldeen Isaac, the busy campus and sunny weather made her fall in love with the University of Tampa.

“I fell in love with the campus,” she says. “It was very tropical, it was right next to the Riverwalk, it was absolutely beautiful. It reminded me of home and I couldn’t say no to it.” (00:24)

Aldeen loved studying in a place where it was sunny every day and she could spend lots of time outside. She describes: “Florida… [there’s] just always really nice weather. You don’t have to check the weather before you go outside. Everyone in Tampa pretty much just sets up a hammock next to the trees and just chills outside.” (02:58)

A diverse, inclusive community makes it easy to fit in

The University of Tampa student body is extremely diverse. In fact, last year they had international students from 132 different countries. This international environment and spirit of inclusivity made it easier for Aldeen to adjust to life in Florida and fit in with her peers.

“There [are] so many people from across the world, even from across the USA. I thought it was a pretty diverse campus, so I think it was easy to fit in and adjust to the whole university life in Tampa,” she recalls. (01:26)

“I did find a Caribbean Students’ Association [at the University of Tampa] where I was able to connect with other students from the Caribbean,” she adds. “In terms of inclusion and diversity events on campus, there are so many…There’s just a bunch of different opportunities to experience different cultures and meet new people.” (01:58)

In 2020 the University of Tampa had 16 registered student diversity and cultural organizations including:

  • The Black Student Union
  • The Caribbean Dance Troupe
  • I Am That Girl
  • UTampa Pride
  • Spartan Sustained Dialogue

Future planning and landing an internship

The University of Tampa’s Career Services Center is truly top-notch and really helps students with their future planning.

“The Career Services Center, they were awesome,” Aldeen confirms. “They were next level, top-notch awesome. They did so many career events, there were job fairs, internship fairs…There were degree-specific fairs especially for accounting and finance majors.” (05:40)

Aldeen landed an internship at a CPA firm in Tampa because she attended a virtual job fair organized by the Career Services Center. She’s now working full-time with the same company in Orlando, Florida.

“Through one of the virtual job fairs, I was able to land a job here, in Tampa. I was able to land an internship at a CPA firm and they recently made me full-time, so I moved to Orlando to the bigger office…I’m definitely open to all the opportunities that the United States has. We’ll see where the future takes me.” (08:31).

Aldeen isn’t the only University of Tampa student who found professional success with the help of the Career Services Center. They’ve helped countless students bridge the gap between college and entering the workforce. 

They’re happy to share that 95% of University of Tampa graduates have achieved their postgraduate goals. 

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