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Job security? Check. Large network? Check. Get more reasons to study marketing

An increasing number of business schools offer a specialized master’s degree in marketing. Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, Canada, is one example. The highly specialized 12-month Master of Marketing (MMKG) at Schulich is the first program of its kind in Canada. Alumnus Kourosh Cyrus Adeli shares his experience in the program and the reasons he chose to study marketing. Here are five reasons to study marketing based on his experience!

In short

1. A Master of Marketing offers (almost) guaranteed job security

One of the most popular business degrees today is a Master of Marketing. Over the last decade, the number of career opportunities in marketing has skyrocketed. Almost every institute, organization, and company in nearly every sector has a marketing department. As a marketing professional, you’ll have the option to work in the industry of your choice, whether it’s in the private, public, or non-profit sector. 

As a result, job security is just about guaranteed, and it isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the marketing profession is expected to continue its growth trajectory as organizations and companies scramble to drive traffic to their web pages, expand their social media presence, and organize complex marketing campaigns. As Kourosh succinctly puts it, “If you’re successful [at your job], you are critically impactful.” (00:57)

2. You don't need a background in marketing to study marketing

The Master of Marketing at Schulich is designed for recent graduates with a non-business background and little to no knowledge of marketing. Kourosh’s academic background in molecular biology couldn’t be further from marketing. Before starting at Schulich School of Business, Kourosh worked for a successful start-up in New York, where he discovered his interest in marketing. As such, he considers himself a “self-taught marketer.” (00:36)

If you’re like Kourosh and you’ve found yourself working in marketing without any formal training in the industry, enrolling in the 12-month Master of Marketing at Schulich could be a great way to gain practical skills and the theoretical knowledge necessary to move your career forward. “All you need is a love for business and marketing to be successful,” says Kourosh, who now works as a senior marketing consultant at Rogers Communications in Canada. (02:08)

3. A degree in marketing has broad-scope applications

Marketing requires a unique combination of analytical skills and creative energy. One of the biggest reasons to study marketing is the sheer versatility of the field. You’ll find that the opportunities are limitless. 

As Kourosh confirms, the program at Schulich taught him that “marketing is so much more than advertising.” (00:40) The curriculum is designed to cover the many facets of marketing. It equips graduates with the skills required for digital promotion, branding, and creative engagement, as well as the knowledge of trends and consumer psychology. Ultimately, you can tailor your career to cater to your personal preference, whether it’s data-based research, brand management, digital marketing, or communications. 

“Large corporations like the one I work for now have dozens and dozens of [marketing] campaigns going out a week,” Kourosh reveals. (00:47) Organizing and executing a successful marketing campaign requires in-depth study and experience. For this reason, the study program involves a two-term consulting project to give students first-hand, real-world experience. The consulting project is also a good way to find out in which area of marketing your interest lies.

4. Studying marketing enables you to stay up-to-date with the latest in the field

Marketing is a dynamic and ever-evolving field defined by its competitive nature. The rapidly evolving digital marketing ecosystem means that marketing professionals have to keep up-to-date to stay relevant. 

“[With] the field being so dynamic, it is very important to stay on-trend,” Kourosh confirms. (01:19) Not only is it important to stay on trend but “marketing people are always trying to induce direction” (01:32). In other words, you want to be a trendsetter. The Master of Marketing at Schulich is designed to keep you ahead of the curve. The specialized program focuses on developing industry skills that are prized in modern marketing roles. 

5. Grow your network

Finally, like any good business degree, the Master of Marketing at Schulich is a great way to grow your network. Especially if you come from a non-business background, one of the key reasons to study marketing is to expand your business and social network. “It really gave me the opportunity to meet people…and to network, and that is something that’s very powerful,” Kourosh adds. (01:52)

If you’re an aspiring businessperson with a love for marketing like Kourosh, then the Master of Marketing at Schulich School of Business may be just what you need in order to propel your career. It’s a perfect way to develop a combination of analytic, creative, and managerial skills that will prepare you to succeed as a modern marketing professional.  

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