When it comes to doing an MBA in Switzerland, you will not find higher-quality universities anywhere else in continental Europe.

Switzerland is a small, landlocked country with approximately 8.5 million inhabitants. It is known for its picturesque nature, such as great mountain ranges and alpine lakes. Switzerland retains a strong sense of independence and neutrality, as well as international centers of industry and commerce. The country harbors headquarters from governmental and non-governmental organizations, like the United Nations. It is also well-known for being a welcoming nation, where almost 30% of its population are immigrants – one of the highest rates of any country in the world.

Switzerland is also home to high-quality universities, with an emphasis on cutting-edge research. Whether you choose to place yourself in the financial hub of Zurich, the center of international diplomacy in Geneva, or the historical capital of Bern, studying in Switzerland will set you up for success – amidst a beautiful backdrop to boot!

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FAQ about studying in Switzerland

Switzerland is notorious for being one of the most expensive places in the world to live. However, when it comes to tuition fees, it is more affordable than many European countries. Uniquely, the majority of universities in Switzerland charge the same fees to students regardless of nationality. Given the international prestige of its business schools, paying an average of EUR€30,000 for a Master in Switzerland could be a very appealing prospect for students. Expect to budget between CHF1,500 (US$1,535) and CHF2,800 (US$2,866) per month.

EU/EEA citizens only need to register with local authorities upon arrival to obtain a student visa. They must provide proof of enrollment, as well as health insurance and proof that they can support themselves financially during their studies. Non-EU/EEA students must apply for a visa from the Swiss embassy in their home country with similar documentation.

Switzerland’s universities and business schools rank among the best in the world, with the likes of ETH Zurich, IMD Business School, HEC Lausanne, and the University of St.Gallen all internationally-recognized educational centers.

Switzerland is home to a wealth of multinational corporations and organizations, such as Zurich, Nestlé, Credit Suisse, the United Nations, and the Red Cross. This means graduate job opportunities will not be in short supply. It remains a small country, so competition for these roles is high, but with high wages and low taxes, Switzerland is financially one of the most attractive post-grad options in the continent.

In such a multicultural and multilingual country, it should come as little surprise that Switzerland attracts a high number of international students every year. Almost 20% of the total student population in Switzerland are international students.

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